A WAY OUT ~ Precious Victor Akah

There is always a way out, out of every challenge or problem. There is the godly way out, which provides permanent relief and lasting solution, and there is the ungodly way out, which provides brief relief and temporary solution at the outset, but then multiplies the problem. A woman experiencing delay in child birth decided to use the ungodly way to solve her challenge of barrenness, so she visited a witch doctor. The witch doctor eventually managed to make her conceive and she was filled with happiness (temporary relief).

But after nine months, she gave birth to a monster (a deformed, ugly, smelling child). She was in pain and agony. The devil had multiplied her problems, because not only is she in pain for giving birth to a monster (which is no child, actually, her partner accused her of using diabolical powers to conceive and sent her packing). Hmmm!

A young man, desiring to end his life of penury and hardship, resolved to use the ungodly way out. He gets into the crime of defrauding people online. Before long, he joined a cult to be able to use magical powers to manipulate people into giving him money. The secret cult demanded for the life of his mum in exchange for wealth, he gave. They demanded for the blood of the lady he wanted to get married to, and he obliged; but when they demanded for the life of his brother, things took a different turn. His brother had just became born again, so when they summoned his spirit on their altar of sacrifice, it rebounded on him and the young man was struck with an incurable sickness that ultimately led to his death.

That challenge that is presently confronting you, how have you decided to take care of it? That challenge of delay in marriage, delay in getting a job, delay in conception, delay in making money, delay in gaining admission, delay in getting your heart desire granted, delay in getting one thing or the other you've long desired, etc, have you decided to use the ungodly way out because of peer pressure, mockery and ridicle from people, or because you're tired of waiting "endlessly" and are worn out? Please don't go through that route, you'll sorrowfully regret it.

Let God help you. If you're not yet born again, please surrender to the Lordship of Jesus and He'll help you take care of that challenge, and if you're already born again, please don't abandon God, don't get tired of waiting, don't give up, hold on to God and He'll surely come through for you. No matter how long it takes, if you remain patient, hopeful, prayerful, and trusting in God, you'll have your testimony.

Always remember: There is no help outside God; what you have is multiplied troubles: "Troubles multiply for those who chase after other gods." Psalm 16:4. Don't seek alternatives to God. HOLD ON TO GOD; He'll come through for you eventually.

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