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COMEDY AND LAUGHTER (It's Abilities and Inability) Part 2 ~ Precious Victor Akah

Why are some comedians and comediennes neck-deep in depression even though they're more opportune to attend comedy shows, and laugh more often than anyone else? Aren't they supposed to LAUGH AWAY their SORROWS? Comedy can often be a defensive posture against depression,” said Deborah Serani, a clinical psychologist who treats performers with depression and other mental health problems. Dr. Michael Clarke, the vice chairman for clinical affairs in the department of psychiatry and behavioral science at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine said, "Many comedians tend to be depressed because they are trying to get out of their dark world by being funny,”  Let's consider the lives of some popular comedians around the world who died by suicide as a result of depression: In 2014, Robin Williams, an American Comedian, committed suicide by hanging at the age of 63. The comedian had suffered from depression throughout much of his adult life in addition to alcoholism.

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