PERFECT or PERMISSIVE? ~ Precious C Philip

Between having God's PERFECT will and God's PERMISSIVE will, which would you choose? God's PERFECT will must be your answer. That is good!
Of course I know you'll choose God's perfect will, which is what many Christians will go for without thinking twice. But sadly, although we say with our lips that we want God's perfect will for our lives to be done, our actions many times betray our verbal confessions. 

We say we want God's perfect will for our lives, but oftentimes we ask for God's permissive will with our actions. How do I mean? When God's word says to unmarried Christians for instance, do not marry an unbeliever, but many singles turn a blind eye to the command and pick someone who's not even a professing Christian let alone born again and ask God to allow them marry the individual because according to them, he or she is a "nice" or a "good" person; this is clearly asking for God's PERMISSIVE will and not God's PERFECT will.

Another instance: two unmarried Christians get into courtship, and instead of accepting God's perfect will for a man and a woman to have sexual relations only in the confines of marriage, they both decide to ask for "permission" from God to engage in sexual activities during their courtship because they fail to crucify the flesh - so they want to check if they're "sexually compatible" as they call it; this is a case of two "Christians" asking for God's PERMISSIVE will and not God's PERFECT will. God's perfect will is that two individuals He has brought together in holy matrimony will learn to enjoy and satisfy each other sexually in marriage. 

What is God's PERFECT will? God's perfect will is God's own very will for your life, which is ALWAYS the best, and which is for your own perfect good and perfect well-being.
God's PERMISSIVE will is God giving you what you ask for which is not His perfect will, or God allowing you to have your way, or God allowing you to have your own will and not His own will. This always does not have a pleasant result the individual envisaged it would have.

Therefore, God's PERFECT will is better and to be chosen over God's PERMISSIVE will.
When you consider the life of King Hezekiah in the Bible (2 Kings 20), you will understand why it is always better to choose God's perfect will than His permissive will. God's perfect will was for King Hezekiah to rest with his fathers at the time He informed Hezekiah through Prophet Isaiah to put his house in order because he would die soon. But King Hezekiah objected, thinking the plan was a bad one, and asked God to give him the privilege to live for more years, reminding God of his faithful service to Him; so God honored his request and gave him His permissive will, by adding fifteen more years to his life.

This however was not God's original and perfect plan for Hezekiah, but His permissive will. The calamity that King Hezekiah brought upon his kingdom and his descendants recorded in 2 Kings 20:16-18 in the course of his life's extension is a proof that God's perfect will is perfect and we should always go for it. His permissive will usually does not have a desirable and good end.

Today, I want to encourage you to always desire, pray and seek for God's perfect will to be done in your life. Don't opt for His permissive will; submit to His perfect will. Don't ask Him to change His plan for your life. Stop asking God to allow you have your own way or that your own will should be done. Ask God to let His own will be done in your life. When He gives you an instruction or reveals to you what you should do, don't try to persuade Him to allow you do what you prefer or think is best for your life; His perfect will is the best.

When He shows or guides you to who you should marry, don't despise His counsel and ask for permission to marry someone else you think is best for you (you'll regret having His permissive will). When He guides you on the course to study in University, listen to Him. When He shows you the neighborhood or country to live in and do business, don't resist and ask for your own will to be done, rather, submit to His own perfect will. When He tells you the job or career or calling to answer, answer His call. Don't choose your own way.

After surrendering your life to God through faith in Jesus and becoming a child of God, submit and seek for the perfect will of God to be done in your life. I pray that the Lord will give you the grace to always seek His perfect will and submit to it inorder to fulfil your glorious destiny in Christ Jesus.

Always remember, God's perfect will is PERFECT; it is the BEST for your life. If it is not God's perfect will, it won't be perfect.


Remained blessed. Remember to visit this blog site next week Monday for another impactful message from God.


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