THIS VALENTINE ~ Precious Victor Akah

So it's that time of the year when people do things and make decisions weighty enough to alter the course of their life. The mere mention of Valentine's Day evokes different feelings - strong or faint - in people, and this feelings come as a result of past decisions or mistakes made on past Valentine's Day celebration. The feelings could be that of excitement (recalling the fun or pleasant memories of past Valentine's day), sadness (recalling the pain of past Valentine's day), regrets (recalling the indelible wounds incurred from wrong decisions made on past Valentine's day), joy (recalling that you surrendered your life to Jesus on this day last year), thanksgiving (recalling that Jesus delivered you from destruction and death on this day years ago when you were treading the wrong path), and even no feeling at all, because some people do not celebrate Valentine's Day. 

Well to me, Valentine's day is just like every other day. My husband shows me love everyday so I'm not expecting him to show me a different kind of love on a particular day called Valentine's Day. And this right here is the reason why some couples fight on Valentine's Day or after Valentine's Day. 

How? A wife is expecting her husband to show her a special kind of love and gift her precious gifts on Valentine's Day, and the husband on the other hand is expecting a special treat from his wife. And when these expectations are not met, sadness usually engulfs the heart that permits it and a fight can ensue. It might be funny to say but some marriages have collapsed and each party gone their separate way because of expectations not met on Valentine's Day. Some are together but one of the parties is still brooding over perceived unjust treatment dealt to him or her past Valentine's Day; so there is malice, rancor, and bitterness in the home. This shouldn't be. Contentment is key. It is not a MUST to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

On Valentine's Day, however, I realized that people make different kinds of decisions which I have categorized into four:

1. NO sense decision. This is a decision with no sense, in other words, a nonsense or stupid decision. This kind offers some degree of sensual pleasure but the aftereffects is too hard to bear. You're planning to attend a party you know you shouldn't attend as a child of God on Valentine's Day, or planning to get yourself involved in activities or practice you should not be found in because it's Val's Day. Consider this story: a lady have been keeping herself for many years waiting for the right man to come as a Christian lady, but no one has showed up. Then on Valentine's Day, a man of her dreams suddenly shows up, but instead of confirming with God first whether he's the right man or not, she accepts to date him right away because he asked her out on Valentine's Day, and she doesn't want to be home alone. 

"I'll just go on a date with him first, later I'll talk to God about him", she said. But then he asks for her to go with him to his house after the dinner date, and so she decides to go with him and even sleep over in his house and end up doing what she's not supposed to do with him before marriage, just because she wanted to appreciate him for the unusual treatment he gave her which she has not received in a long while. Unfortunately, he disappeared after Valentine's Day and she is filled with regrets, pain, sorrow and bitterness. This is what has happened to someone, do not let it happen to you this coming Valentine's Day. It should not be your story too. Do not make a NO sense decision, ladies.

As a guy, you've been trying your best to gain financial freedom and start living in financial rest, but you've been struggling and the woman in your life is not very supportive and understanding. This year, she has told you what she expects you to get for her on Valentine's Day and you are under serious pressure because you are not financially capable. Now you're thinking of doing something illegal and ungodly to get enough money to meet her demand so that you don't lose her. Don't do it, brother! Don't be pressured to make a NO sense decision. If you do and the money comes in, she will take as much money as she can from you and leave you to be with the man she actually fancy, because she's obviously not the one for you being arrayed in the robe of a gold digger.

2. COMMON sense decision. This is a decision that makes common sense. This kind is commonly made by people on Valentine's Day. So it's like the common thing to do. But, a child of a supernatural God is not common, so he/she should not be doing what is commonly done. You may have already began making plans on doing what is commonly done on Valentine's Day globally: getting the perfect roses, buying the perfect gifts, booking the perfect hotel or a resort to celebrate Valentine's day with that special person in your life. 

Well, getting a rose for her or a perfume for him isn't a bad idea, but if you must borrow, steal, lie or cheat to get it, then it is a bad idea. Getting her a lingerie, bra, or panties and getting him a boxer shorts as an expression of love is common on Valentine's day, but it's a bad idea if she isn't your wife yet, or your husband. Hold on with the exchange of gifts related to sexuality until you both are married. A lot of people may be doing this because it is common sense to buy such gifts in expression of romantic love, but you should not as a child of God in a godly relationship where sexual purity is highly valued. 

What's more? Booking a hotel or a resort should never cross your mind if your intention is for just the two of you to be together on this day, like a vacation kind of a thing. This sort of arrangement is best for married couples. If you both are not married, plan to go to an eatery, a restaurant or an open park instead, if you must go out together on Valentine's day. Yes, the common thing people do is to reserve a hotel or a vacation spot where they will spend days with their partner, eating, drinking, and having sexual fun. But remember, you're not common, and you do not operate with common sense. So, that should not be in your to-do list.

3. SCRIPTURAL sense decision. This is a decision that makes sense scripturally. A decision that aligns with the teachings of the Bible. A decision that is made in accordance with the clear instructions and explicit commandments of the Holy Bible. So you've made the decision that you will rather be single on Valentine's Day than fornicate with someone just to have a date (someone to take you out) on Valentine's Day. You've also made the decision not to awaken a dead relationship that God instructed you to severe, even though friends are telling you to do so just to have a date on Valentine's Day. 

You are also not making plans to gift your body on Valentine's day to the man or woman who has been pressurizing you for premarital sex or pregnancy in exchange for marriage. As a married man, you are not making plans to steal from your company just to surprise your wife on Valentine's Day. And as a married woman, you're not planning to sleep with a rich man or a colleague at work who has been hitting on you - to get money to surprise your husband on Valentine's Day - with funds to start up his dream company or revive his struggling business.

4. SPIRITUAL or REVELATIONAL sense decision. This is a decision usually devoid of logical sense, and not stated explicitly in the Scripture but revealed to a person by the Holy Spirit. Every spiritual or revelational sense decision is always in sync with the teachings of the Bible. The Holy Spirit can instruct you to do something that is not usually done by most believers on Valentine's Day, but is peculiar to you based on the calling and purpose of God for your life. So for instance, everybody is going to church or a gathering of believers to celebrate love, acquire marriage and relationship knowledge, exchange gifts, eat, drink and dance to the glory of God on Valentine's Day. 

But God is instructing you to do something totally different: He's instructing you to pull out your savings and purchase valuable items and go to an orphanage or prison or hospital or aged people's home and give them these items and also preach the message of salvation (the gospel of Jesus Christ) to them. This is spiritual sense decision.

Which one have you decided to make this Val's Day? Which one is the Lord already leading you to make? Heed the voice of the Holy Spirit in you. Valentine's day is just one of those days that will come and go. Don't let it come and go with your values destroyed, standards broken and principles shattered. Don't let it come and go with your relationship with God. Don't let it come and go with the peace and joy in your marriage. Don't don't let it come and go with your glorious future. Be wise and make SCRIPTURAL sense and SPIRITUAL sense decision, based on the instruction the Lord is giving you this Valentine's Day.

Below are words of wisdom from LADIES OF WORTH to you as Valentine's Day approaches. Commit them to heart, it'll help you.

"Your body isn't a reward system to any man/woman except your spouse, neither is it a toy for fun or unholy pleasures. Your body is precious to God and should be precious to you. It deserves to be treated as such. This valentine, guide your body with dignity and honour no matter the pressure."

~ Favour Chukwudinobi 

"Dear young singles,
In this season, I pray for us that our gaze remains fixed on Jesus, the One True Love who never fails. The Valentine's Season often ignites our minds to ponder upon true love and also has the tendency of reminding us of all we seem not to have. It's true, we are human and by default, we were created to need other humans to meet specific emotional needs in our lives. However, we must know that a person's experience of love is not limited to the presence or absence of a human relationship. Your value is not determined by the quality of people in your life but by the quality of your relationship with God who is the originator of Love.

More than we celebrate human relationships, most often in undignifying manners during Valentine, I urge us all to celebrate the Steadfast and Unending Love of God. Let us fall in love with God anew, for eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor has it entered the heart of man what the Lord has prepared for those who love Him. As we Love God genuinely this season and always, may all things never stop working together for our good in Jesus' Precious Name, Amen and Amen."

~ Bombey Barbara Fahnwi

"It is Valentine's season again- time to make memories for some, torture for others. ...It may seem like you have been single for ever because you refuse to compromise on your standards. Godly standards. Find comfort in Psalms 37:4, "‭‭‭‭Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart" (NIV). 
God wants to give you your heart desires, according to His will. But, on the ground that you surrender this desire to Him. In your single days, serve rather than sulk. Grow. God is bringing you a partner better than you prayed for. He is bringing you a partner-in-purpose. Till then, stay joyful. And, serve with all diligence." 

~ Queen Erikwe

"I will love to take you to a verse in the Bible. Proverbs 14:12, There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
I am sure most people reading this beautiful piece have planned their Valentines day, while some will just flow with what the day brings to them. The scripture above warns us of our wrong decisions, especially bad decisions that we take with self righteous thoughts like 'every one is doing it'. Yes, people around you are making wild plans for this ' big day', plans that our Maker in heaven will be displeased and disheartened with. Would you prefer to make your Maker angered and hurt because of a 'day' He created, after which a man tagged as lover's day. 

My plea to you, is that you become wise, make good plans that Jesus would make. Do not also forget that every bad decision you make on that day comes with greater consequences. I pray God helps you to do only good on this day. Believe me when I tell you that God is counting on you to make only good decisions on Valentine's day and every other day too. You could take yourself, your spouse and family out and have great time, you could also share nice gifts with those that can't afford those gifts and I can assure you that you will have peace of mind and a thumbs up from Abba.
I leave this beautiful bible verse with you, ponder on it. John 4:34( AMPC) " Jesus said to them, My food ( nourishment) is to do the will ( pleasure) of Him Who sent Me, and to accomplish and completely finish His work."

~ Elvis Maureen 

"Dear young soulmates,
Red roses may be beautiful and bring an aura of soul-filling love, but is that really what love is all about? Well, maybe that's just a part of it. But it's important to remember that love requires a lot more than just beautiful gestures.
Some situations will define love, and true characters will be unveiled. As a woman, your earnest prayer should be for God to bring a man into your life who has stood the test of time. Someone who has Christ as his head, because a man who loves God dearly will love limitlessly.

Young men, when praying for a wife, pray for a woman whose character has been reformed, and whose heart is sealed in Christ. Because the reality is that, one month into a love-filled marriage, true character will be clearer.
Remember to always seek love that is rooted in Christ and built on a foundation of true character."

~Rebecca Obinauju Shalom

Stay blessed.

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