Are you talking to the right people?

A lot of people are talking to people they should have no business talking to; they're seeking counsel where they shouldn't; they're seeking for godly counsel where it is not. They're trying to find diamond in a swimming pool. How do you as a born again Christian seek for godly counsel from a roommate, coursemate, classmate, colleague, friend, or a 'Christian' who is not born again? How do you ask for godly advice from a non-Christian? How do you inquire from a smoker, an alcoholic, a womaniser, a prostitute, a fraudster, or someone who doesn't read the Bible, who doesn't pray to God, who clearly isn't filled with the Holy Spirit, the godly decision to make when in a dilemma? What kind of counsel are you hoping to get from such a person?

As a young Christian woman, a man for instance is asking you to have sex with him before marriage, if not, he won't marry you, and you're seeking for godly counsel from an ungodly friend or from a so-called relationship coach on social media whose spiritual standing you do not know - you just feel because they're into relationship counselling, they should be able to give you the right counsel, that is not necessarily so. 

An ungodly friend will tell you "Husbands are scarce today. So if you find one, give him whatever he wants so he can marry you." While a relationship coach who's not born again will tell you "Pre-marital sex is not a big deal, a lot of people are doing it. Give it to him, after all, you're in love and you're going to get married. It is not a big deal. Just use protection if you don't trust him enough." That is exactly the counsel you'll get. 

I ask again, are you talking to the right people? If you've been talking to the right people, you'll not regret the decisions you have made in the past. If you're regretting the decisions you have made in the past, it is evident that you have not been talking to the right people, nor receiving godly counsels and implementing them.

I realised that when some people say they're seeking for godly counsel, what they actually mean is that they're seeking for who'll validate or support the decision they've already made in their hearts. This is why they'll often go to people they know that will tell them exactly what they want to hear - someone who'll support their already-made decision, not someone who'll indeed give them a godly counsel and tell them the truth.

I also realised that many people know the right people to talk to sometimes, but choose not to contact them because they think they do not need counseling (they trust in their own wisdom, smartness, and intelligence). Some others do not talk to the right people around them because of pride (maybe the person is younger than them or they feel they will be degrading or shaming themselves to talk to him or her). But these are foolish reasons. To those who think they're self-sufficient or all-knowing and do not need advice from anyone, the Bible says to such in Proverbs 19:20 "Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life." It further admonishes them thus, "Plans succeed through good counsel; don’t go to war without wise advice." Proverbs 20:18

And to those who are too proud to humble themselves to seek godly counsel, the Bible says pride goes before destruction (Proverbs 16:18). If because of pride you fail to talk to the right person God has positioned close to you to assist you in making right decisions, you'll self-destruct. A wise person will humble himself and seek godly counsel. Are you wise enough to humble yourself to seek godly counsel from right people God has positioned around you?

Sometime ago, a female friend who's older than I am contacted me, seeking godly counsel in choosing who to marry. I counseled her and she gladly received the counsel. The counsel I gave her by the leading of the Holy Spirit saved her from making a decision that would have destroyed her life or shattered her financially. She ignored the fact that I am younger and humbled herself to receive godly counsel from me and her marital destiny was rescued from a shipwreck. She talked to the right person and it saved her from making a disastrous mistake. This is why talking to the right people is very crucial. If she had talked to the wrong person, it would have been a sad story.

"Know the right people to talk to and seek godly counsel from them."

However, you will not see the need to talk to the right people until you're born again. Because it is after you're born again that the pressing need to fulfil your purpose of creation will grip you firmly; and this would make you want to make right decisions at every point in your life in order to fulfill your purpose, hence the need to talk to the right people. So I implore you today to surrender your life and heart to Jesus and be born again by faith in Jesus. 

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