The One Thing Every True Child of God has ~ Precious C Philip

Did you notice that the moment Peter, James and John encountered Jesus and became saved, they abandoned their fishing business to win souls for Christ? That's something we as Christians must take note of. Before these men became saved, they never cared about preaching the Gospel to save sinners and direct them to heaven, their major concern or priority had been their fishing business and probably their families. 

They would fish and sell the fishes to people without caring about their eternal destiny. They only needed the money from their customers and that's all. They never bothered about whether their customers and those around them were on their way to heaven or to hell. They only cared about their fishing business.

But the instant they met Jesus and got saved by knowing the truth, their priorities, goal, and pursuit changed immediately. They suddenly felt the strong need to EVANGELISE the gospel of Jesus and save as many people as possible by preaching the Gospel of truth to them. They could not stand seeing others go to hell because they're ignorant of the truth, while they themselves go to heaven alone. No, they couldn't. So they had to BROADCAST the truth to reach as many as possible and save as many as possible. It is this sacrifice that made it possible for you and I to know about Jesus today.

Now, before I became born again and got saved in June 9, 2012, my focus had never been to preach the gospel. I mean, I never really understood what the Gospel was about, let alone sharing it with others. I was only going to church because my family was and it was a general thing then. I was singing in the choir because I enjoyed it. I would even participate unwillingly in evangelism outreaches. But I still lacked true knowledge of the Gospel. People around thought I was very close to God not knowing the distance between us was like the distance between heaven and earth. When I walked pass smokers, alcoholics, prostitutes, womanizers, I would despise them in my heart because I would judge them as sinners while I'm righteous in my own eyes because I don't do the much evil they do openly.

However, the moment I encountered Christ in 2012, everything changed. I could not shut my mouth and refuse to preach the Gospel. The desire to see others saved consumed me greatly that I had to start using my social media immediately to preach the Gospel. When I walk pass smokers, sinners, alcoholics, the first thing that comes to my mind unlike before is not to judge and condemn them in my heart, rather compassion immediately wells up in my inside because I know they're on their way to hell and need to be rescued.

What am I saying in essence? The one thing every true Child of God has is the strong passionate desire to see others saved because they have been saved. Now if you think you're a child of God, or say you're a child of God, or call yourself a child of God and believe you've been saved but you lack this desire in you, I'm sorry to announce this painful truth to you: you have not been truly saved. If as a professing child of God, all your concerns and focus is on your business, your family, your career and other wordly stuffs and you have no single desire to see others saved, born again and get on their way to heaven, you've not actually become a child of God. If you see sinners - prostitutes, smokers, alcoholics, womanizers, etc and you don't feel the need to preach Jesus to them and give them a new life, you are not yet a child of God. This is the absolute truth.

All the people that encountered Jesus in the New Testament had this strong desire to win souls. Look at the disciples and some of the brethrens in the church in the New Testament and you'll see how truthful this statement is.

Sincerely cry out to God today to save you. He is faithful and ready to save you if you'll humble yourself and seek His face. You must do this if you really want to spend eternity with God because only children of God are qualified to enter the Kingdom of heaven.



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