SWEET JESUS ~ Precious Victor Akah

If I can recall perfectly, I heard the Name - JESUS first from my parents as a child, then I kept hearing it every now and then from the lips of people, from Church, School, neighborhood, etc. So, I grew up hearing about JESUS and being trained and taught by my parents, Church, school to pray to Him and serve Him because He is God.

I continued doing so from childhood to adolescence, and when I clocked 20, everything changed one day. I had a life-changing encounter which I commemorate every 9th of June yearly. My spiritual eyes were opened that day by Jesus, (who I was then robotically and religiously serving because I was only doing what I was taught to do from childhood, and not what I have experienced myself).

I saw my sinful spiritual state, and at that point, I finally grasped who Jesus is. I understood what it meant for Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour, and that without Him, I'm heeded for eternal damnation in hell, aside the unfulfilling life I would live on earth. I got this understanding in few seconds; everything happened so fast.

Jesus poured His love lavishly on me and I was melted by it. With tears in my eyes and a very contrite heart, I embraced His love and salvation, and asked Him to be my Lord and Saviour.

From that day onwards till now, I have never looked back. I have never regretted embracing Him as my Lord and Saviour. As my Lord, I handed over my life to Him (which in the first place belongs to Him) and as my Saviour, I embraced the sacrifice He paid on the cross for my redemption from sin and the devil and for my justification.

So now, He reigns and rules in my life. He controls it and I live to please Him and do what He will have me do. I no longer live in sin because I am no longer a slave to sin nor the devil. I am free from all sinful addictions. Jesus set me free. Jesus did it all for me.

Dear reader, yes, you may be going to Church on Sundays or be a fervent churchgoer. You may be working in your local assembly as a music minister, keyboardist, usher, Sunday school teacher, deacon, deaconess, prayer warrior etc. But, do you really know this Jesus you seem to be working for? Do you have a real relationship with Him? Has He set you free from sin and immorality? Has He renewed your life that you can boldly testify to someone about your new life in Christ?

Let me ask, why do you go to Church every Sunday? Why do you serve in Church? Why do you pray, read the Bible and even fast some days? Is it because everyone is doing it and you're just following the norm/crowd or a command you're given by your Pastor? Is it even because your parents taught you to do it like I was doing before?

Now, how about doing these things intentionally and passionately from your heart because you know Jesus, you have experienced His life-tranforming power? He has transformed you from a sinner to a righteous man or woman in Christ. How about doing it because you love Him and desire to please Him, and you earnestly seek to spend eternity with Him? These are some of the reasons why those who have encountered Jesus as Lord and Saviour do all the spiritual things they do.

When you encounter Jesus as Lord, you understand that He owns your life and everything you have and will ever have. So, you can't be proud before God; you can't refuse to give whatever He asks you to give; you can't refuse to do whatever He says you should do; you can't live anyhow you want but how He wants you to live. You lift your hands in worship and surrender to Him your Lord. You cry out, "Jesus, You are my Lord! I surrender all to You!"

Many people are okay serving a generic God they don't know, don't care what His commands are, and don't care if He has rules on how He is to be served and on how the one serving Him should live their life before Him on earth. They just want to bear the name "Christian", go to Church whenever they want, and then live however they want to live, do whatever they want to do, without being accountable to God or being restrained from doing anything their flesh desires.

But, you can't do the above with Jesus nor with His Father (the Almighty God). I realized this when I encountered Jesus. Formerly, I lived how I wanted though bearing the name "Christian". But after the encounter, I began to live how He wants me to live and serve Him how He wants to be served. God the Father wants to be served with truthfulness, holiness and righteousness - being strengthened and empowered to do this by His Holy Spirit. He wants His worshippers to live a godly life on earth.

Until you encounter Jesus, you will continue to serve Him religiously and robotically and, there is no blessing in that, neither is there a reward from God.

Why not seek Jesus today? Why not pray and ask Him to reveal Himself to you? Why not ask Him to save your soul and set you free from sin, so you can live a new life filled with peace, rest, joy, freedom and purity? Ask Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour.

I pray for you in the Name of Jesus, that you'll encounter Jesus as you call on Him today or seek Him in prayer, and your life will be radically transformed.

In Jesus, there is victory over life's challenges, there is peace in the midst of the storm, joy in the midst of uncertainties, rest in the midst of chaos, there is fulfilment in life and eternal life with the blessing of spending eternity in heaven with God who is LOVE. Oh, how sweet it'll be to enjoy the love of God directly for eternity.

I can't count how many times frightful things wanted to happen and just calling or shouting JESUS, He swiftly intervenes and gets things going smoothly in split seconds. This is a wonderful thing to experience, but this privilege and advantage can only be enjoyed and experienced by those who have encountered Jesus and are now born again Christians.

Oh, how I love Jesus! He is a sweet sweet God. If I can give everyone I meet one thing, it is JESUS. With Him, you have every other thing because, all things come from Him. He owns all things, He is the Source of all things: good life, good health, wealth, riches, good job, joy, peace, fulfilment, sense of purpose, a meaningful life.

Friend, have you genuinely accepted Jesus into your heart? It starts from there. Do it now!

Jesus is waiting to embrace you as you invite Him into your life now. Don't keep Him waiting. He loves you with a sweet, comforting love.

"All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away." Jesus promised this in John 6:37. And this promise is for everyone regardless of the weight of your sin, a horrible past, terrible mistakes, bad choices... just come to Him. He'll accept you.

Jesus loves you, sister.
Jesus loves you, brother.

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