LIVING AN EASY LIFE (JOY-GIVER) ~ Precious Victor Akah

One thing I've always wondered since I surrendered my life to Jesus and became connected to God the Father through an intimate relationship with Him, is how people are "doing life without Jesus". Going through life without Jesus was tough, very tough for me. I mean, even with Jesus in one's life, challenges still come (though Jesus always come through for His faithful followers), how much more challenges will you then have to combat and deal with alone without divine help? Hmmm! Must be very tough.

I'm presently in a nation where Buddhism is the predominant religion, and I see many of its citizens commit suicide. The rate of suicide in the nation is quite alarming. And guess one of the leading causes? Depression and hopeless (they are tired of living). This is not to say that there is no suicide in nations where Christianity is the predominant faith, but the point is, anyone who has a true relationship with Jesus cannot commit suicide. No matter what they pass through in life, suicide is never an option. Why because Jesus promised to deliver His followers from all challenges and He is faithfully doing that. Moreover, followers of Jesus know that suicide is a one-way ticket to hell-fire.

When you don't have Jesus in your life, any little challenge that confronts you you're  thinking suicide - this is the present reality of some people - while some others contemplate suicide when faced with tough challenges that is beyond them. When I didn't have Jesus in my life, I contemplated suicide severally. But what held me back from actually carrying it out was what I heard from Church: "If you take your life, you're going straight to hell-fire." I wasn't born again then, but that truth restrained me. I feared going to hell-fire.

My husband and I just welcomed our first child last month; then this month, a great challenge confronted us that made me shed tears, but guess what, Jesus came through for us, and He came right on time. Now, the challenge that confronted us is a challenge I believe have confronted some couples, but they couldn't deal with it because Jesus is not in their lives; so it ended sorrowfully for them, but ours ended joyfully. This is what Jesus does: He fills your life with joy because He is JOY-GIVER.

Therefore, living an easy life is only possible with a relationship with Jesus. Without having a relationship with Jesus, you'll have a hard life, a tough life with overwhelming challenges - bigger than you - that could provoke you to contemplate ending your life. Every man on earth will face challenges bigger than them, which no man can come to your rescue because it's beyond man. It'll only require divine/supernatural intervention for you to come out of it. This is the point where some people consider accepting Jesus and surrendering all to Him. 

Maybe you're presently at this point where it'll only take supernatural intervention for you to overcome that grave challenge facing you, so why not come to Jesus who can remedy any situation? With Him, no challenge can ever overcome you. You'll always be victorious. If you're not yet at this point (which you'll certainly come to one day as long as you're living) please consider receiving Jesus into your life, because life becomes so much easy with Jesus in your life.

Joy is the antidote for depression. If you're ever joyful you'll never be depressed. So if you have Jesus the JOY-GIVER in your life, depression stays far away from you. Invite Jesus the JOY-GIVER into your life today and He'll come and live in you and stay with you, constantly filling your life with joy.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. Once you accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes into you to live in you and be with you. One of the fruits He bears inside of you is the fruit of joy (Galatians 5: 22-23). So with the Holy Spirit living in you, you're guaranteed endless joy.



  1. Praise God I really enjoyed reading this thank you because I know that since I gave God my life life is much better and I can't see myself living with our Christ in my life amen

    1. What a beautiful testimony. Glory and praise be to God. Stay blessed and keep enjoying Jesus.


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