GOD'S HELP ~ Precious Victor Akah

It is one thing to cry to God for help and another thing to know when He finally sends help to you, because sometimes, help from God does not come in ways and manner we're expecting it would come, so some individuals end up missing their help. They continue to cry to God day and night without results.

When you ask God for help, don't try to limit God by thinking or positioning your mind to believe that the help you are asking for MUST come through a particular channel or in a manner you want. God's ways are higher than your ways and His thoughts are higher than your thoughts. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord." (Isaiah 55:8-9)

No matter what you're seeking divine help for, help from God can come to you in whatever way God deems fit and via any channel He considers appropriate, because you don't call the shot, God does.
But oftentimes, many Christians miss their help because it didn't look like it and it didn't come in the form/manner they're expecting.

For instance, you may have been crying to God for a life partner or for a better job or even for employment, and God decides to help you and sends help to you by sending a friend or a neighbor to invite you to a church programme or a prayer program, but then you reject the invite because in your mind, the divine help you've been seeking for for many years cannot just suddenly come from attending a "mere" church programme or joining a prayer program; the help will only come from your pastor, or from your local assembly, or from your personal prayers and fastings alone. Hmmm!

Another instance, you have been having unending financial challenges, rising and falling in your finances, not having enough or more than enough, and you have been asking God for help and intervention, suddenly, God sends someone to you and instructs you through that person to start tithing faithfully and correctly, but in your carnal thinking, you snub this person and say to yourself, "How can not tithing be the cause of my financial challenges?". You reject the person and the godly instruction they have given to you, because according to you, the help you're hoping to receive from God must come in the form of sudden promotion at your workplace, miraculous additional sources of income, surprising increment in your salary or just someone gifting you large sum of money. Hmmm! May you not miss your help when it eventually comes in Jesus' Name!

This is why it is important for you not to only pray for God's help, but also ask the Holy Spirit to make you sensitive enough to know when the help from God finally comes, so you don't miss it. Ask for sensitivity in the spirit to know what to say NO to and what to say YES to; to know invitations to turn down and the ones to accept. Ask God to touch your spiritual eyes to see properly. Ask Him to order your steps and to take you by the hand and guide you into His plan and purpose for your life. 

Imagine if Apostle Peter turned down the invitation to follow Jesus, he would not have fulfilled his life's purpose. If the Ethiopian Eunuch had snubbed Philip, his problem of lack of understanding of the Scripture would not have been solved and his soul would not have been saved too (Acts 8:26-40).

Stop thinking the help you are expecting to receive from God must be administered to you through a particular person, source, means or avenue. God has different ways, manner and channels He uses to send help to His children. You must be open-minded in order not to miss your help when it comes.

Having said this, I must categorically state that this above counsel does not in anyway encourage any child of God to accept help from ungodly sources or evil means - just because I said God can send help to His children through any means. No please. Yes, God sends help to His children through different means and channels, but God certainly does not send help through an evil/ungodly source, channel, means or way.

What do I mean? God cannot send help to you for instance, if you are asking Him for financial blessings, by giving you stolen funds or money obtained through a sinful or immoral means. God cannot honor your request for Him to divinely connect you to your ordained life partner by sending a married man or a married woman to you for marriage. Any seemingly help that comes from immoral, evil, illegal, sinful or ungodly means, source or way is not from God but from the devil. SAY NO to such destructive help!

God bless you.


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