FOLLOWING THE CROWD ~ Precious Victor Akah

Some children of God are careful about what they wear and what they eat, but they are not careful about what they feed their spirit and soul. They just follow every popular culture, and like sheeple, go along with whatever the crowd is doing without really thinking about it for themselves. That a particular song is popular and seems to be on the lips of "everyone" around you doesn't make the song fit and proper for you to listen to and sing along, this also applies to every popular TV programme.

Before you sing and dance along, have you taken time to study the lyrics of the song to find out if it'll edify your spirit and soul, and if God is even glorified or okay with such song? Or you don't just care, you just sheepishly follow the crowd anyway because it has a sonorous beat, even at the detriment of your soul? After, you would start lamenting that you don't know why you're losing interest in the things of God or why you're not growing spiritually, or why you're struggling in your spiritual life, but you're the one afflicting yourself by your failure to filter and selectively choose what you feed your spirit and soul with. You must be selective of what you let into your soul and spirit, because it'll either strengthen you spiritually or weaken you spiritually.

The more carnal and worldly things you feed your spirit and soul with, the more CARNALLY minded and the more worldly you become, leading to stunted spiritual growth; and the more you feed your spirit and soul with spiritually edifying things, the more nourished you'll be spiritually, leading to proper and sound spiritual growth. Make your choice.

The injuction from God is clear: Be wise as serpents in this world (Matthew 10:16). That a vast number of people is talking about a particular movie doesn't mean you should go and watch it - when you know the content of the movie and what it teaches and promotes is against your Christian faith - just because you don't want to feel left out or you want to brag that you've seen the movie also. After you've bragged that you've seen the movie, what else? You'll then have to daily fight the sexual immoral scenes you've exposed your mind to and the ungodly principles, teachings and ideas they've passed on to your soul.

"You are a product of the ideas and information you have exposed your mind to."

So, take care of your mind. Take care of your spirit. Take care of your soul. Guide what enters into them. The information you are exposed to will either sponsor faith or disbelief in your heart. Therefore, guide what enters into your mind. 

If you watch movies, videos on social media, and programmes on TV you know quite well are not good long enough, you'll eventually start thinking they are okay, and before long, you'd start doing these things your mind has been conditioned to think is okay; it happens very subtly. Satan is very subtle, yet many children of God are not sensitive and discerning at all. 

The more you keep watching movies, TV programmes and videos that paints drunkenness, cohabitation, indecent dressing, magic (charm), wild party, pre-marital sex, adultery, homosexuality, polygamy, pregnancy before marriage, giving birth outside wedlock and single parenting by choice, as being okay, you're unwittingly conditioning your mind to accept these things, so when the temptation to do any of them arises, you give in without hesitation. Sift what you watch if you're serious about living holy to please God.

When you eat unhealthy food (feed your body with junk), you may seem okay and still look healthy for a while, but after sometime, your body would start reacting and you will become sick. This is exactly what happens when you feed your spirit man with unhealthy food: you would seem to be doing okay, but after a while, you would realize that you're spiritually nosediving.

You keep feeding your spirit man with the filth of the world and all sorts of immorality, soon enough, sin would start appealing to you, lying becomes easy, fornication or adultery seems okay; if you're not sensitive enough to notice the unpleasant change and return to the righteous path, you would eventually backslide and go back to the world and start living in sin again. This won't be your portion in Jesus' Name.

Therefore, protect your mind, soul and your spirit man. Intentionally feed on things that will edify, strengthen and boost your spiritual life; avoid whatever will stunt your spiritual growth or weaken you spiritually. If you're doing well spiritually, you'll fare well physically.

God bless you. 


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