STOP FIGHTING IT! ~ Precious C Philip

So many people fight this, and, you may be among them, but it is the truth, and no one can fight the truth and win. So, stop fighting it. Embrace the truth and let it set you free from lies and destructive deception. What is this truth? As much as many people do not want to believe that all sinners (those who reject Jesus while on earth) and all fake worshipers of God (professing Christians who claim to worship God or are even born again but choose to live in sin and contrary to His commandments on earth) will be cast into hell fire, this truth remains unchanged whether we believe it or not [Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, John 3:3-8, and Revelation 21:8].

I will tell you why this cannot be changed. Two reasons:

One: Sinners practice sin as a lifestyle. They possess the sin nature which they inherited from Adam, and therefore they cannot but do sinful things. They lack the capacity and capability to do righteous things even if they want to; just like an infant may want to run out of a room that is on fire but cannot because he lacks the capability to run. It is just IMPOSSIBLE for sinners to live righteous. It is only when a sinner comes to Jesus that the Holy Spirit removes their sin nature, destroys it, and gives them the righteous nature of God that empowers and enables them to do righteous things, and to resist the temptations from the devil to do evil things.

But because sinners who died without receiving Jesus died as sinners with their sin nature intact, they cannot be allowed by God to enter heaven. Why? Heaven is a holy kingdom, unlike earth that is corrupt. God says so in Revelation 21:27: "Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life."

"But God is merciful, He'll have mercy on them and welcome them into heaven", you say? Well, do you know that earth was never created by God to be full of evil and corruption and sin that it is filled with today. But the moment sin entered the world through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, earth got corrupted and continued to decay till date. What is my point? Heaven is still holy because only holy beings are living in it. No single sin is present in heaven. That is why the moment Angel Lucifer allowed pride into his heart (pride is a sin), God immediately sent him out of heaven and cast him and the angels that he corrupted with the sin of rebellion into hell fire in order to keep heaven holy. God actually created hell fire for only Satan and his angels - Matthew 25:41. But those who die with their sin nature in them will join the devil and his demons in the kingdom of darkness: hell fire.

Therefore, those who are holy on earth - possessing the righteous nature of God, live eternally in heaven, and those who are unholy (possessing the sin nature) live eternally in hell with Satan (the then angel Lucifer) and the rebellious angels that followed him. This is why, all sinners(those who rejected Jesus on earth) and fake worshipers of God (so-called Christians who lived in sin on earth) will all be cast into hell fire, because that is the abode of unholy things. 

If God should be moved by mercy to bring these unholy people into heaven, heaven will no longer be heaven nor a holy place. These sinners and fake worshipers of God will come into heaven and continue their evil practices in heaven because that is their natural inclination and tendency; they cannot act otherwise. These are the persons who go to church but commit murder, lie, steal from their neighbor, cheat, rape, kidnap, fornicate,... So, heaven will become a replica of the life we lived on earth: full of evil, corruption, murder, theft, stealing, sexual immorality, and all kinds of evil you can imagine, and the most horrible part is that it'll last forever. Can you imagine that?

Therefore, do not buy the lie of the devil that God will have mercy and welcome everybody into heaven. That is a great deception! Heaven is only for holy beings. Nothing and no one impure will be allowed to enter it. Remember, God keeps His word. Heaven and earth shall pass away but God's word will never be changed nor pass away. Therefore, embrace holy living fast.

The second reason why God will not allow sinners and fake worshipers into heaven is because it will make God an unfair and an unjust God; it will also make Him a liar, untrustworthy, unreliable, and undependable because He has failed to keep His written word in the Bible concerning the final destination and judgement of sinners and unrighteous people. 

So imagine living all your life on earth, sacrificing earthly pleasures and resisting worldly passions all because you want to be a true worshipper of God, while your colleagues/friends/neighbors/relatives are living unholy, enjoying sinful pleasures and living contrary to God's commandments. Imagine you all die and God welcomes you into heaven and also welcomes all of them that never cared to please God with their lives on earth, into heaven, would you consider such act fair and just? You know you would be indignated. 

So, God is a just God. He is a fair judge. This is why sinners and fake worshipers will not be welcomed into heaven otherwise God will no longer be a fair and a just God, and His words will no longer be trustworthy and reliable. His integrity and righteousness will also be at stake. I mean, a lot of His attributes (holiness, integrity, justice, uprightness, truthfulness, ...will be negatively affected if He fails to do according to what He has written in His word, and the devil will use that against Him).

Now that you know this, what should you do? BECOME A TRUE WORSHIPER OF GOD. Accept Jesus as the Son of God and your Saviour, submit to His lordship over your life, forsake sinful living, worship God faithfully in Spirit and in truth, and live righteous and holy henceforth. This is what will qualify you to enter the kingdom of heaven.

"But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him." John 4:23

Shalom. Come back on this blog next week Monday for another edifying article.


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