On Saturday (July 10), I dressed up for fellowship and came downstairs. I knew a road construction work was going on in my neighborhood and it had rained throughout the week, but I thought I could maneuver my way out and get to the bus stop to get a ride. But when I got to the site where the road construction was going on, I discovered that everywhere was completely messed up with mud and quagmire. 

Vehicles weren't allowed to pass, only pedestrians were allowed. I managed to walk to a point but soon discovered that I could not go further, so I had to call and inform a sister about the situation and returned home. I was not happy I couldn't attend the fellowship and also purchase a few things I needed at home. But I decided to stay joyful.

During the new week, when I noticed that it was still raining daily, I checked the weather forecast to know the prediction of the weather for July 17 - that's the coming Saturday - and it was forecasted that it would rain throughout the week. I first became disturbed. Then, while reading the scripture, I read Mark 11:23 and my faith was roused. So I talked to my Father and also decreed that it'd not rain on Friday and on Saturday so that the mud at the road construction site would dry up and I can comfortably walk on it to get to my destination and be available for the fellowship and also purchase the things I needed at home.

On Friday morning (July 16), I woke up to see a light rain. The devil immediately attacked my faith, to make me doubt that my Father answered my prayer and that my declaration was honored, but I resisted Him knowing that the moment I let in fear and doubt, I would miss my desired miracle. So I ignored him and strengthened my faith in my Father and in His word. I knew my Father loves me so much that He always grants every of my requests that are in line with His will for my life, and He is faithful to His word. So I was at peace. After a while, the light rain stopped.

Waking up on Saturday morning (July 17), there was no rain, but sunshine. And the most amazing part was that it did not rain the whole day till the next day, Sunday, contrary to what the weather forecasters reported. My Father proved that He is in total charge of the rain and He determines when it falls on the earth. I love sunshine I must confess...hahahaha. So, I dressed up and walked to the construction site and discovered that they already created a narrow path for both motorcyclists and pedestrians, though the quagmire was still there. But due to no rainfall on Friday and Saturday, the mud dried up and I could walk over it.

But guess what, my Father had a sweet arrangement for me. When I walked to a certain distance, almost approaching the bus stop, a Thai man in his car stopped and offered me a ride. He asked where I was going and I told him I was going to the bus stop to get a ride to my actual destination. He asked to know my final destination and I told him and he happily told me he was headed the same location and that he would drive me all the way to my destination. Ha! I rejoiced greatly in my heart. Then I remembered I had never met the man before and I don't know him from anywhere, so fear tried to grip me and make me reject his offer, but I quickly resisted the fear with the knowledge of who I am in Christ and the sweet truth that the Trinity (God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit) is in me and with me 24/7. So, who can actually harm me? I am unassailable! Before anyone or any devil can get to me, they have to get to Christ first, then my Father, before me, because my life is hid with Christ in God.

So, I got into his car and he drove me all the way to my destination. I alighted and asked how much I should pay for the ride, but he told me not to bother. He gave me his contact and told me I could call him any time to drive me to anywhere I want to go. Don't know if it is free of charge yet... hahahahaha. I attended the fellowship and we had a wonderful wonderful time fellowshipping with God. I also was able to buy everything I need at the convenience store.

After fellowship, I took public transport and alighted at the bus stop close to my house. But guess what? My Father still had another sweet arrangement for me. Immediately I got to the exact point where I met the man who stopped and offered me a ride earlier, a Thai lady in her motorcycle stopped at exactly the same spot to give me a ride to my apartment. She knew where I live but I didn't know her, neither did I recall ever meeting her before then. She was full of smiles and happily conveyed me to my apartment. 

As I sat on her motorcycle, I was talking to my Father. I told Him the shower of love was just excess, what is happening? I cannot explain the unusual favour. I was so joyful, my joy heightened when the Holy Spirit cast my mind back on when I was tempted by the devil to change the message I was to deliver at the fellowship gathering - seeing the impressive turn up of new persons - knowing that the message was the kind most modern-day Christians are averse to. But the Holy Spirit emboldened me to deliver the message, and we worked together to deliver it in a loving and cheerful manner that blessed everyone.

I got home, walked into my room and fell on my knees to appreciate my Father for His matchless and magnificent love for me.

Why am I sharing this with you? It is just to let you know that you can also have such a sweet relationship with the Almighty God of the Universe, the Father of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not about keeping or following a set of religious rules. It is about an intimate and sweet fellowship with God the Father, through His Son Jesus, and in the power of God the Holy Spirit. The Almighty God of heaven and earth wants to father you and shower you with immense unconditional love, can you allow Him father you today?

He loves you so dearly and desires to treat you with all goodness and kindness. He yearns for a relationship with you, so you and Him can relate. You will be His son or daughter, and He will be your Father. You'll pray to Him and ask Him for anything in line with His Word and He'll grant your request.

Would you like my Father to father you today? Please pray this prayer with me: Heavenly Father, I thank you for your love for me displayed in the death of your Son Jesus Christ. I repent of all my sins. I forsake my lifestyle of sin. Please I want you to father me. I want to be your child. Make me your child. I believe in Jesus Christ your Son and I accept Him into my life. I surrender to His lordship over my life. Heavenly Father, I want to experience and enjoy your great love for me. Save my soul and help me to live a life that is pleasing to you henceforth as your child that I have become, in Jesus Name I pray, Amen."

Congratulations. If you prayed that prayer genuinely from your heart with penitence, our Heavenly Father has heard you. Psalm 51:17 says this about our Heavenly Father, "The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God." So, God has heard your prayer. Enjoy His love and fathering care and affection henceforth. Attend a living church. Read the Bible daily, at least morning and night. Talk to God in prayer. If you need further counselling, please message me on Facebook @ Precious C Philip or on Instagram @preciouscphilip, or send an email to preciouscphilip@gmail.com. God bless you mightily. I love You.

Please come back to this blog next week Monday for another great article that will enrich your soul. 

Stay blessed.


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