A lady was phoned by her rich friend who gave her the news of her employment in a multinational corporation where she'll be paid in foreign currency (US DOLLARS) and was asked to come pick up her employment letter the next day.

The lady, exuberant with joy, called her siblings, parents, friends and neighbors and shared the great news with them. The next day, she went to pick up her employment letter but was told that the decision of the management had changed. She was told that they discovered that they had another candidate who had better qualifications than her, and so they offered him the job.

The lady, livid, sorrowful and disappointed, went home weeping. While on her way home, she kept blaming the devil for her sudden misfortune. She lamented on the phone to her friend and said, "It is because the devil knows that I'll be finally out of poverty, borrowing and begging, and I'll be able to live a good life with this new job, that is why he hijacked it from me. The devil is wicked!" This she repeatedly cried.

But, what actually happened to this lady? Is it true that the devil is behind her misfortune? Well, the devil might have orchestrated the evil that happened to her (perhaps using a human agent), but this is the real truth: the lady brought the misfortune upon herself. Yes, the devil masterminded it, but she furnished the devil with the information he needed to work with. 

The lady in her complaints is unknowingly saying that the devil is all-knowing - he knew about her juicy job offer and prevented her from getting it. But that's not true.

Many of us, like this lady, unconsciously have this belief that the devil knows a lot of things. We are almost ascribing the Omniscient quality of God to the devil by saying or thinking he knows everything.

Let me tell you, he doesn't! I say it again, he doesn't! Satan knows only what you say with your mouth (this comes to his hearing) and what you show with your actions/behavior (this he sees). So, as long as you don't say it and don't show it, he'll never know. And if he doesn't know, he can't use anything you say against you and he can't use any information about you to work against you nor frustrate your plans.

I want this to sink in: the devil doesn't know except you tell him. He doesn't know except you show him by your behavior and actions. He is not omniscient. Only God is omniscient. Whatever you hide from the devil, he'll never know. 

Take Moses in the Bible for instance, the devil did not know Moses had anger issues (he is quick-tempered) until Moses showed it to him by his action (in killing an Egyptian out of anger) - Exodus 2:11-12. When the devil got knowledge of this, he started using it against Moses till he successfully used it to stop him from entering the promise land. (Numbers 20:7-12). If Moses never showed the devil that he had anger issues, he would not have successfully used it to end his dream of entering the promise land.

I must however clarify here that I'm not in any way suggesting that Moses should have hidden his anger issues from the devil, nope! I'm only pointing out how Moses informed the devil of the weakness he had through his action. Moses could have dealt with and overcome his weakness without publicly displaying it for the devil to see. He could have worked on it silently. 

This leads to my next point: build and rise silently. If you're planning to achieve anything, especially something remarkable or huge, don't go announcing it to the world, because the devil will learn of your plans too and rise to fight your plan through weak/susceptible individuals filled with envy, jealousy and hate. I say it again: build silently, rise silently. Surprise the devil. Shock him with your success.

Are you building a new house? Don't brag about it openly or on social media. Let the world see it when you're done building. 

Are you having a baby? Don't announce it to the world (to feel good or stir up envy) until the baby arrives.

Are you trying to obtain a school degree or be certified at something? Don't be braggadocios and go about telling people, "By this time next year, I'll be a lawyer/doctor/engineer." Rise silently.

Are you saving to buy a house, a car, a land....? Bridle your tongue until you've achieved it.

Let's digress a little to the other side of this. Remember I said, the devil doesn't know until you show him via your words or action. Anything the devil is using against you right now, you showed him. You may not like going to church when it rains, but don't show the devil that by sitting back at home anytime it rains on a Sunday morning. If you do, he'll spot that right on and start using it against you.

Once the devil knows (by your previous actions) that you would not go to church when it rains or is raining on a Sunday morning, he'll be using that to stop you from attending church services (even on week days, not just Sunday morning). So on a Sunday morning or any week day you want to go to Church, rain would start falling to make you stay back. And once you sit down to relax and not go to church because of the rain, the rain will suddenly stop at a time when you can't go again even if you change your mind to go or when you've pulled off your clothes and wiped off your make-up.

Other times, the rain will fall the rest of that day since that will successfully keep you from attempting to go to church.

So, mind what you show the devil about yourself, because he'll surely use it to fight you. That thing you call weakness, please address it and overcome it, because you're showing the devil by your actions that this is your weak spot and he'll keep hitting on that spot till he weakens you and ruin your life. Your life will not be ruined in Jesus' Name. 

Remember what happened to Samson because of his obsession with women. Overcome that habit of lying, lusting, watching pornographic images and videos, drinking, smoking, prostitution, engaging in premarital sex or extramarital sex, dressing indecently. Fight that love for material things, love for money, covetousness, greed, anger, envy, unforgiveness, malice, short-temperedness, with the power of God.

"The devil hits on what you call your weakness to weaken you and finish you off. Finish off that "weakness" fast with the power of God and help of the Holy Spirit."

I must also draw the line here between building (rising) silently and making faith declarations (bold, positive confessions). When making faith confessions and declarations (which is important while building/rising) you can do that privately in your home/at your prayer altar, and ONLY do so publicly when the Holy Spirit Himself stirs you up to say it. You shouldn't make bold confessions in public to brag or attract respect and honor from people (that would be a wrong motive which will attract the devil to fight you). Speak only when the Holy Spirit says you should speak.

Key word: the devil is not omniscient, only God is Omniscient. Know this and use it to your advantage.

Stay blessed.

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