THE INESCAPABLE LAW [Stories with life lessons] ~ Precious C Philip

If you were born into a Christian home, you probably have heard the popular story of Jacob and Esau - how Jacob tricked his father Isaac and stole his brother's blessings (Genesis 27). 

Yes, Jacob was guilty of deception, but when you take a holistic look at the story - starting from when Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob (Genesis 25), you'll realize that Esau actually ignited the fire that sort of consumed him. Esau had earlier sold his birthright to his brother in exchange for a meal of lentil stew; no wonder he missed the blessings of a first son (the exchange had been done spiritually). Therefore, Esau experienced the law of harvest - he reaped what he sowed - he took out what he put in. 

This teaches us not to make decisions out of desperation, because we'll often make wrong decisions we would regret later on. If Esau had not sown the seed of 'selling his birthright', he would not have reaped the harvest of 'losing his rightful blessings'.

Jacob however equally sowed a bad seed of deception (he tricked his father and cheated his brother) and harvested a bad result: Laban deceived and cheated Jacob by giving him Leah (after Jacob worked 7 years for Laban to marry Racheal). Laban made Jacob to work an extra 7 years to get the lady he actually loved - Racheal (Genesis 29:20-28).
Jacob was deceived yet again, this time by his sons, when they brought him Joseph's bloodstained robe (Genesis 37).

You'll always take out exactly what you put in. You'll always harvest exactly what you sow. You'll always reap exactly what you plant.

When the Bible says "Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you," it is simply saying, sow the kind of seeds you'll love to harvest. Your words are seeds. Your thoughts are seeds. Your actions are seeds. Your behavior are seeds. When you sow good seeds, you'll reap good harvest, and when you sow bad seeds, you'll also reap bad harvest. Whatever you put in, you take out.

You must also realise that the waiting period to harvest any seed sown can be short or long. In the case of Jacob, it took many years before he harvested the evil seed of deception he sowed, but for Esau who sold his birthright, it didn't take long before he lost the blessings meant for the first son. 

When you sow good seeds, be patient to reap the good harvest, and when you sow bad seeds, be certain that you won't miss reaping the bad harvest. If you somehow escape it, your loved ones or people related/connected to you wouldn't, because the evil seed you sowed must be harvested by someone connected to you. It is an INESCAPABLE LAW.
"Don’t be misled—you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant." Galatians 6:7

Points To Note: What you put into life is what you'll get out of life. If as a young lady all the men that come into your life jilt you after having sex with you and never marry you, you probably have been reaping the seed of (half-naked dressing that makes men see you as nothing but a sex toy) you sowed and are perhaps still sowing. If as a business man all the young men you employ to work for you are cheating and stealing from you, perhaps you're reaping the seed of stealing, cheating and deception you sowed in the past.

What you're getting out of life right now is what you put into it. If what you're getting right now is unpleasant, it is not too late for you to reap good things since you're still alive. Begin now to sow the right seeds and your harvest will change for good.

"Children are fortunate if they have a father who is honest and does what is right." Proverbs 20:7 GNT
"The one who lives with integrity is righteous; his children who come after him will be happy." Proverbs 20:7 HCSB 

Sow good seeds; do the right thing, because your children naturally will partake of the harvest of your seeds.



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