The Christian Worker vs The Sex Worker ~ Precious C Philip

I asked Google to give me the picture of a Christian woman and it gave me pictures of decently dressed women, with no body exposure. Then I asked for the image of a female prostitute and it gave me pictures of half-naked women - their thighs, breasts, cleavage, stomach and other alluring parts of their body were exposed.

Comparing the pictures, I could not ignore the giant difference between the attire of prostitutes and that of Christian women. I would have embedded some of the pictures in this article so you can juxtapose them but for the inappropriate nature of the image of prostitutes. This article is not to condemn prostitutes, but to educate Christian women on a vital issue they're incognizant of. 

With my description of the attire of a Christian woman and that of a prostitute, I would like to ask, do you see prostitutes on the streets dressed in the attire of a Christian woman? No, I believe. But do you see some Christian women in your local church, public gatherings, place of work, shopping malls, beach... dressed in the attire of a prostitute? Definitely! But is that normal? No!

The same way it looks strange, crazy or shocking to see a bus conductor dressed in the attire of a doctor, or a waitress dressed in the attire of an engineer is the same way it looks when people see you, a Christian woman, dressed like a prostitute. They're shocked. They give you a strange stare. They think you're crazy, and some would even laugh at you quitely.

It is very sad that despite the multitude of messages and words of wisdom out there on the internet speaking against indecent dressing, many Christian women continue to dress half-naked. They completely reject the godly counsels and hold on to their indecent dressing. Some have even taken it a step further - from thigh split dresses to naked dresses. It is saddening to see Christian women competing with prostitutes on who can better expose their bodies.

Many Christian tailors and clothiers are not even helping matters. They sew all manner of skimpy clothes to attract, please, and retain their customers - all for the love of money. No wonder the bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil.

Few days ago, I accidentally viewed the Facebook story of a young "Christian woman", whom I've seen several times post programmes of her church on Instagram and share some God-related messages on her Facebook page, wearing a skimpy top that exposed her cleavage and the lower part of her belly, with a thigh split short skirt that largely exposed her left thigh. She wore this to a bridal shower of her friend. I was shocked. At first I thought it was a different person until I looked closer. I was startled seeing her confidently pose to take pictures and videos in this inappropriate wear. I however noticed that her female friends with her were also scantly dressed (the friends you keep honestly influence what you do).

I wondered, is this not the lady that often shares God-related posts on her instagram and Facebook page? I could not believe my eyes. So she is not yet saved? She is simply a religious Christian? (the questions I asked myself). But I had always had a check in my spirit whenever I read some of her posts because of a few other things I noticed about her, but the pictures of her I viewed that day on her Facebook status really confirmed my doubts about her salvation. I felt really bad.

This tells us that not many who share God-related posts on their social media are actually saved. Many are simply religious Christians. This is why as a born again Christian man, you should never decide to marry a woman just because she posts Christian stuff on her social media; take a closer look at her lifestyle.

Someone said: "Do not dress in a way that will make people stare at you strangely or be shocked and wonder who you really are (a prostitute or a Christian), but dress in a way that when people look at you, they won't be confused about your identity, but will know immediately what you stand for. Do not confuse people with your dressing.

I do wonder why some Christian women want to dress like the very sex workers they're supposed to reach after with the gospel of Jesus. 

You can't win a prostitute to Christ dressing like a prostitute.

Are you a Christian woman, then dress like a Christian woman. Do not dress like a prostitute if you are not a prostitute. There is a huge difference between a Christian woman and a sex worker. Each have their own significant style of dressing. Naked or half-naked dressing is the attire of sex workers. While decent dressing is the attire of Christian women.  1 Timothy 2:9 instructs "And that the women would also pray with clean hearts, dressed appropriately and adorned modestly and sensibly, not flaunting their wealth."

You then should not be dressed in the attire of a prostitute as a Christian woman. 

Think about this: a female sex worker does not attempt to dress like a Christian woman when going for her 'work'. She dresses as sexy as possible in order to attract as much customers as she needs, to obtain the reward she needs (money). In the same way, a Christian female worker dresses as godly and decent as possible when going out to work (soul winning and preaching of the Gospel of Christ -which is a daily business) in order to attract as many customers (souls) as she can and bring them to Jesus to obtain her reward from God. 

Now imagine if a Christian worker decides to dress as sexy as a sex worker when going out to harvest souls for the day, do you think she will attract and win any customer (soul) to Christ? Of course not. She will only attract customers who patronize sex workers - horny men desiring to satisfy their sexual urge.

Please repent, dear sister, and stop dressing half-naked if you're guilty of this sin. Yes, God looks at the heart, but your dressing is equally important. You can't preach to prostitutes and win them to Christ with half-naked dressing. Can you? Be decent and godly in your appearance if you're serious about winning sinners to Christ.

If you are not a prostitute, don't dress half-naked like a prostitute. Leave the attire of a prostitute for a prostitute. There is a notable difference between a Christian woman and a prostitute. Be robed in the attire of a Christian woman if you're one. God commands you in 2 Corinthians 6:17 "Therefore, come out from among unbelievers, and separate yourselves from them, says the LORD. Don’t touch their filthy things, and I will welcome you."

If what you wear doesn't really matter as some would say, there wouldn't have been a need for every profession in the world to have their own dress code or attire. All would have the same attire. Don't be deceived!

You are from a royal family. You are a child of a King, who is the King of kings. Dressing half-naked is highly disrespectful to Him the same way it would be to an earthly king. Start henceforth to dress like a godly Christian woman, a child of the King of kings, a Princess of the Most High God. Be conscious of your royalty and make your heavenly Father proud. Please Him. Honor Him with your dressing. Usher lost souls into His kingdom with godly dressing instead of ushering them to the kingdom of Satan with ungodly dressing for the destruction of their souls.

If however you're reading this and you know you have sincerely not surrendered your life to Jesus yet, which is why you see nothing bad in dressing half-naked or sexy, please repent and surrender your life to Jesus today and He'll open your eyes to see the destructive and harmful nature of half-naked dressing and its underlying retribution. Jesus loves you.



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