Has it ever occurred to you that "love charms" are actually not love charms? They're not really what their makers and marketers say they are. They say that when it is used on your target, it can influence them to love you, but is it really true?

Contrary to what many people are made to believe, you can never force someone or influence someone to genuinely love you. What love charms empowers you to do is to manipulate someone to worship you or to do your bidding, but not to instantly develop genuine love for you and give it expression. 

If it can make someone genuinely love you, then it means that love can be bought or that one has the power to make an individual that has no real love for them to develop such for them. But this is far from being the truth. No one can buy love. Even the Bible says in the book of Song of Solomon 8:7 "Love cannot be drowned by oceans or floods. It cannot be bought--any offer would be scorned no matter how great." Therefore, you cannot buy real love, which is what most people using love charms are seeking to buy.

True love can't be sold, and so, it cannot be bought. Lust and infatuation can be sold, so it can be bought.

What people can buy is lust and infatuation, and this is what people can manipulate others to feel towards them. So in essence, you're not buying a love charm, but a lust and infatuation charm. What an irony!

The sellers of love charm sell it to you - giving you a false promise that it'll make whoever you want to use it on to love you, instead of telling you that what the charm has the power to do is to produce lust and infatuation. So what they sell to you in the name of real love is fake, which can never give you the actual feeling of being genuinely loved by someone, and not only that, whatever feeling it gives you is very temporary; it has an expiry date on it.

If you force someone or manipulate someone to love you, they'll never show you real true love, what you'll receive is feigned love, and you'll know deep down that this person does not truly love you, they're only being manipulated - which is a terrible feeling.

You cannot buy the precious feeling humans get from being genuinely loved by someone, you can never! You can buy lust and infatuation, you can manipulate people to do what pleases you, you can control them to do whatever you want, but that unique feeling of knowing that someone truly loves you can never be bought or gotten with charms. Never! Only someone who loves you genuinely, who's not being externally manipulated can give it to you. Whoever is charmed or influenced cannot give you that peculiar, precious feeling.

The biggest limitation of love charms is that the users do not get to feel and experience the real feeling of being genuinely loved by someone.

You will know deep within that the person you have used a love charm to manipulate to be with you does not genuinely love you. This is a reality you'll live with and a truth that will always stare you in the face.

Therefore, love charms are worthless. They shouldn't be called 'love charms' but 'lust and infatuation charms' with limited working span. Because there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed - Luke 8:17. The truth that they're being manipulated to be with you will one day come to limelight, and it'll be a big disgrace and shame for you on the day the truth unveils itself to the world. You cannot kill the truth. You can bury it alive, but it'll still find its way out of the grave.

Your victim of love charm can be prayed for and delivered by the power of Jesus or they can encounter Christ on their own, become born again and are delivered from your stronghold. A certain man used love charm to marry a beautiful lady. One day in church, while the prayer was going on, this was revealed to the man of God by God, the man of God called the couple out, the man was embarrassed but he confessed and the lady was delivered. So, love charms will do you no good.

Moreover, it is an open truth that those under the spell of 'love charms' tend to do crazy, weird, foolish, unreasonable, unthinkable and demeaning things for the person controlling them. Now, if you're the controller (the one using charm to influence another to like you), I have this question for you, do you know that by this singular act, it reveals you do not really love that person? If indeed you love them as you claim is the reason you're using charm to manipulate them to be with you, you would not force them to be with who they do not want to be with, neither will you be manipulating them to do stupid and silly things that makes them look stupid before people. Think about it.

Always remember this: you actually never use love charms to make someone love you, what you do is manipulate them to do what you want, not to show you true love. 

So, instead of buying love charms to make a man or a woman to show you bogus love which has an expiry date, why not work towards attracting someone that will love you genuinely, and show you true love which has no end? This is what Jesus can do for you. Surrender your life to Jesus today. Repent of your sins. Discontinue the use of love charms and every other kind of charm. Obey Jesus. Love Him, serve Him and keep His commandments and follow His principles and guidelines on finding the right partner and He'll faithfully settle you maritally. He has settled so many, both men and women, young and old, He is capable of doing the same for you. 

Stop trying to work this out yourself. Stop trying to manipulate things yourself. Release everything to Him. Hand it over to Him. Trust Him wholeheartedly and He'll surprise you. I pray for you, that as you repent, trust in Jesus, obey His commandments and follow His principles of godly relationships, He'll settle you speedily, in Jesus' Name.



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