THE POWERFUL TRUTH ~ Precious C Philip

I find it hard to understand why a true Christian serving the true and all-powerful God would be afraid of idols, demons, witch doctors, cultists, witches, and the rest of them. I also find it hard to understand why a Christian serving the true and all-powerful God would go to an idol to seek help. 

My question is, if the true God "cannot" help you, why do you think a false god can be of help? If the most powerful God cannot help you, what makes you think a powerless god can help you?

It is not uncommon in our day to see a professing Christian seeking help from a witch doctor or from a false prophet in the name of "heaven helps those who help themselves", and it is not also uncommon to see professing Christians dread witch doctors, witches and wizards, cultists and idols. Although this is happening in our day, is it scripturally right? Is the scripture in support of this and is God okay with it?

Let's look at what God Himself has to say about this in Jeremiah 10:5, He says, "...do not fear idols for they cannot harm you neither can they help you." CEV version. So from the above scripture, we understand that God is not in support of this status quo. His command is that we should not dread idols nor seek help from them, but we're acting contrary to this command above.

Moreover, looking at this issue logically, it makes no real sense at all. I mean, how can a Christian who is serving the Most powerful God decide to seek help from a powerless idol or from powerless individuals? How can a Christian who has a relationship with the Most supernatural God fear and dread powerless beings such as idols, witch doctors, wizards, witches, cultists? It is totally absurd! 

Those who truly fear the true God do not fear false gods, idols, chief priests, witch doctors, witches, wizards and cultists. Why? They serve the GREATEST, MIGHTIEST, MOST POWERFUL, SUPREME AND SOVEREIGN God who created the heavens and the earth; and these beings I mentioned above draw whatever power they showcase or display from the devil who is a powerless pig before God. So why should a Christian who fear God fear the devil and those working for him? 

Those who fear God and serve Him but dread these beings either do not know the God they're serving well enough, or they are not in a harmonious and intimate relationship with Him because of the presence of sin in their lives - for where there is sin, there will always be fear. Sin brings fear, lack of confidence, lack of boldness, guilt and the feeling of condemnation; when you know you're not in good terms with God or that you've displeased God through disobedience to His commandments or instructions, you become afraid and lose confidence that God is with you and for you. So you would automatically feel powerless and dread these beings.

Normally, if you serve and fear the true God, you'll not fear those who serve false gods or the gods they serve themselves, because these "gods" are not actually gods, but mere wood carved, painted and decorated by men; some are then inhabited by demons from hell (i.e, fallen angels who serve the devil - read Jeremiah 10:1-16). As a matter of fact, Jeremiah 16:20 reveals "Can people make their own gods? No, if they did, those would not really be gods."

Therefore, it makes no sense for a true child of God who fears and serves the true God to dread these idols because according to 1 John 4:4, God lives in you by the person of Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is more powerful than the demonic spirits that inhabit these idols and possess witches and wizards.

Psalm 135:5 says, "For I know that the LORD is great, and that our Lord is above all gods." This scripture should make you realize the futility of seeking help from other "gods" and see the cowardice displayed when a Christian dreads idols. When you're in doubt or tempted to fear, always remember, "... greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." 1 John 4:4

What is the powerful truth? Jeremiah 10:5 "...do not fear idols for they cannot harm you neither can they help you."



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