As a Christian Single, what is your stand on sex before marriage? Can those around you and those within your sphere of influence -your friends, family and fans on your social media pages accurately tell your stand on sex before marriage? 

If you stand for "no sex till after marriage" and those around you do not know this or cannot accurately guess this, you're not doing a good job standing for what you stand for. If those around you do not know your stand on sex before marriage as a Christian, something is wrong. 

They know your stand on tithing, politics, football, movies, fashion, and other subjects, but on the subject of sex before marriage they don't know - it shows you're not speaking up enough as you're doing on other subjects. 

If you're proud of your stand on "no sex before marriage", you'll not hide it, you'll not keep it secret, and you'll not be ashamed to let everyone know. This is not about being a preacher, but about being bold and proud of what you stand for. Unless you merely "stand" for it but you're not really following the principle. 

What you're afraid to speak, you're not very confident about and very convinced about it.

If you believe sex before marriage is wrong, why do you think keeping silent or quiet about it is the wisest thing to do? Those who believe sex before marriage is okay are busy spreading it all over social media, promoting it in movies, TV shows, comedies, and music videos, but you that have the truth feel it is best to keep mum. It is a pity!  "These are the things which you should do: speak the truth to one another; judge with truth and judgment for peace in your gates." Zechariah 8:16"

The truth is meant to be spoken and publicized, not to be hidden.

Many of the Christians who are silent about the truth of "no sex before marriage" are not silent when it comes to speaking against men of God; they're quick to criticise and condemn men of God on the issue of tithing in the name of speaking the truth and voicing out the truth. What a shame! 

You believe premarital sex is wrong, but not one of your posts on social media champions that, upholds that, encourages that or promotes that. Later, you'll be among the Christians to complain about the level of immorality in the world. 

An issue you're not making efforts to stop or curtail, you have no right to complain about.

What are you doing to stop the immorality? Bear in mind that if you're not fighting against something, you're encouraging it. If you're not standing against something, you're standing for it. Your silence is speaking. Your inaction is an action. Jesus said in Matthew 12:30 "Anyone who is not for me is really against me; anyone who does not help me gather is really scattering." So if you're not FOR something, you're AGAINST it. 

I strongly believe that if we have more Christians standing up and boldly upholding sexual purity, we'll have less ignorant people boldly encouraging premarital sex. Most comedy skits encourage premarital sex. Many secular movies encourage premarital sex. A lot of secular music videos promote premarital sex outrightly or subtly. 

Yet Christians who stand for sexual purity are keeping mum - thinking it is the best line of defence. It is foolishness to continue deploying a strategy that is not working. We're seeing more and more of our teenagers engaging in premarital sex, getting pregnant out of wedlock; we're seeing more adults cohabiting and commiting abortions, yet we are still deploying an ineffective strategy of "keeping quiet".

If more Christians would speak up against premarital sex and sexual immoral practices, more teenagers will be rescued and less teenagers will engage in sexual immoral acts.

Let's rise up and speak up! 

The more we're keeping quiet, the more the truth is being suppressed by agents of satan, and lies are gaining momentum. The more we're keeping mute - being complacent and indifferent to the rise of immorality in our society, the more we'll see immorality proliferate. Do you stand for sexual purity? Do you stand for no sex till after marriage? Please speak up. Please publicise it. Please encourage, support, promote and spread it on your social media pages. 

Let the world see the light of Christ shining in you. We are the light of the world. Let us light up the world and dispel every darkness. The reign of darkness should come to a halt. Light should reign. Darkness bows to light. Light does not bow to darkness. SPEAK dear brother. SPEAK dear sister. Stop keeping quiet because you don't want to offend your friends and fans. Stop keeping quiet because you feel ashamed to speak the truth. Stop keeping quiet because you feel people will attack you. Stop keeping quiet because of what people will say. Stop keeping quiet because people might call you "holier than thou". Stop!!! 

Tell people the truth - they need it even though they may not like to hear it. Get rid of the fear of shame, ridicule, mockery, and attack. Attackers and critics will always be there; they should not be powerful enough to silence you and hold you back from speaking the truth. Don't give them that power. Be bold and speak up. 

At first people may attack you (this is actually the devil attacking you in order to stop you from spreading the truth), but when you resist him, persist and continue to speak the truth, people will eventually let you be. Speak the truth. Whoever will get offended will get offended but let people hear the truth. Don't hide the truth. God gave you access to the truth to share it with others. Don't hoard it. Don't be selfish with the truth. Those who have lies are busy spreading it freely. 

Spread the truth. Give wings to the truth and let it fly. 

Most teenagers who engage in premarital sex do so because of the information dispersed to them. They read and hear more of "It's okay to test before marriage to avoid being sexually unsatisfied; sex before marriage is okay, everyone is doing it; you need experience to satisfy who you marry; you need sex to avoid menstrual pains; sex keeps your partner hooked to you; giving her sex or giving him sex will keep them from cheating on you; being a virgin is old-fashioned; you're still immature if you're a virgin; being a virgin won't get you a good husband neither will it give you a good marriage; and all kinds of bad and destructive advice on social media - and hear less of "Sex before marriage is wrong; God wants you to keep yourself pure; God values sexual purity; maintaining your virginity till marriage is God's will for you and He has a special reward for it; and other godly counsels on social media. 

What people hear often, they tend to believe. What people hear often affects how they behave. What people hear often subdues what they don't hear often. Speak dear Christian and rescue teenagers and ignorant adults from perishing. 

Don't think this is not important. It is very important because "For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14 

Sad to say, but if you fail to disperse the truth, your loved ones, friends, and even you in particular may be adversely affected by your unwise decision. 

It is time to fight the good fight of faith. It is time to fight against ungodliness and sexual immorality. We must fight for holiness, sanctification and purity. We are soldiers of Christ and must always be alert in the spirit at all times. Raise the banner of sexual purity. Raise the banner of "no sex before marriage". 



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