Many ladies often say this when a man leaves them, "He left me because I refused him sex." 

But I've realised that 99% of the time, it is not really true; I mean the man never actually left because you refused him sex. So what could be their main reason for leaving? 

Sweetheart, this is the reason: he left because he perceived you are not an asset. Don't stop reading please. 🤗 I'm sorry if it's a hard one to swallow, but I tell people the truth. I've not seen a wise man who leaves an asset for liability, except a foolish man. I've not seen a wise man who leaves a woman who's financially healthy, mentally sound, spiritually mature, physically fit, and emotionally strong, because she refused him sex for a woman who is mentally dull, spiritually weak, and financially unstable but is ready to offer free sex before marriage. No! What some "smart" ungodly men do is keep the asset and discreetly use the sex service of the liability until he marries the asset to use her sex service and then gets rid of the liability. 

Men don't leave assets. Men leave liabilities. 

So he left not because you refused to offer him sex, but because you refused to offer him value. No one rejects valuable things when it is given to them. He has seen you have no value to add to his life and nothing of value to give him - so when he asked for sex which he believes you should be able to give him since you have nothing of value to offer and you refused, he immediately left. Therefore, you bringing no value to the table made him leave, not your failure to bring sex to the table.

Wise men stay only where value is. So if you want to marry a wise man, offer value; except you want a foolish man as husband. Value is what attracts men and makes them stay with you. Wise men go for value not mere beauty, and they stay where value is and leave where no value is. If you want him to stay and marry you, present value to him. 

Men are transactional in relationships. I know how many well-to-do men who have come asking me to marry them even though my stand on "no sex before marriage" is spelt boldly on my social media pages and I boldly preach and champion "no sex before marriage" and sexual purity. So why do they still come? They most certainly have seen value or an asset. 

Men seek women of value. Women who are assets. Not just women who offer free sex. 

They may flirt with women who offer free sex. But they'll not want to marry such women. They will rather marry women who can contribute something tangible and significant towards the fulfillment of their vision and purpose in life. 

Can you help him raise great children? Can you teach his children the word of God? Can you help him grow spiritually? Do you have business skills that will help advance his business and bring in more profits? Do you have knowledge that will improve his career? Are you intelligent? If you don't have these things to offer to men, they'll continue to leave you for refusing them sex; and even if you decide to give them sex, they'll likely still leave because you're not a wife material but a flirt material. He needs a helper, and a helper is expected to be capable of helping a man in different aspects of his life. 

You might ask, are you saying that all women who got married are assets to their husband? No dear, not all of them are assets to their husband. But I can tell you that those who are not assets to their husband are not finding it funny. They're either dealing with emotional abuse, verbal abuse or physical abuse. Some are dealing with a cheating husband. Some a husband who's a drunk. While some have been divorced or sent packing by their husbands. So to save yourself from such trouble in future, invest more in knowledge and in acquiring relevant skills - and less in make-up, expensive wigs, and in looking sexy. 

You can have big backside and big boobs and offer free sex, yet a man will sleep with you and not think of marrying you because he has seen you have nothing else to offer and would offer him nothing significant in life. Men love sex, but men love their work and career much more. So a woman who can help them build their career would be a better option for marriage any day. Sex is available in the streets, but a woman who can help a man build his career and life is not available in the streets. 

So ladies, sit down and develop yourself. Make yourself an asset. Acquire profitable skills. And no man who has an encounter with you will ever think of leaving you for refusing him sex before marriage. One of the men who is close to me desires so much to marry a particular lady I know because of how valuable this lady has made herself. 

Make yourself valuable and no man will leave you for mere sex. Become an asset and a man who has keen eyes for valuable things will find you and stay.

No prudent man will marry a woman just because she is facially beautiful, has a sexy figure, has big boobs and big backside. Because that will not help him at all in building a great marriage or in bettering his career/job, or in raising great children.

Wise men marry women who will help them fulfil their life purpose, help them prosper financially, and help them raise great children. 

Be an asset. Make yourself valuable. 🤗



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