LADIES || What is Your selling point? by Precious C Philip

Sometime ago, I was going through something on Facebook when I saw a picture of a slim lady wearing a short dress that left her thighs uncovered. She posed in a way that drew attention to her legs and thighs, and captioned the picture "My selling point is my legs". I read that and laughed hysterically. I thought "If your selling point is your legs, that means you become unattractive the moment something bad happens to them? You hate yourself the instant those legs become disfigured by weight increase, old age, skin disease, injury, vehicle accident or burn wound (from fire or hot substance) because they're the source of your self-esteem? According to dictionary's definition: a selling point is a feature of a product for sale that makes it attractive to customers. Or a desirable quality or feature that something has which makes it likely that people will want to buy it. Or a unique or advantageous feature that appeals to the prospective buyer of a service, product. Now according to the above definition, how do you rate that lady's statement, beloved reader? Wise or foolish? How can your legs (no matter how straight, long, or glossy they are) be your selling point? How peculiar are they that it is very difficult or impossible to find ladies with such legs, if not better legs? No wonder Proverbs 13:16 says "Wise people think before they act; fools don’t—and even brag about their foolishness."

Unfortunately, this is how many ladies today unknowingly display foolishness. Some ladies' selling point is their boobs, that is why they always wear clothes that expose them/draw attention to them. Some their selling point is their body figure, so they wear clothes that accentuates their shape. Some others their selling point is their thighs, so they only wear short clothes that allows them flaunt it. Some even wear crop tops that lets them show off their flat tummy because that is their selling point. Now, making one of these your selling point: long, straight legs, glossy thighs, big boobs, big backside, facial beauty, flat tommy etc, is like choosing and investing in liabilities rather than in valuable, non-depreciating assets. Because the reality is, all these things above are not so peculiar that only few women in the world posses it - you can easily find women that have it, either naturally or by plastic surgery. Moreover, these features are susceptible to change, they're fleeting and depreciates in value the older you get. This is why a wise woman would not make any of them her selling point. Godly character, the fear of God, and intelligence are selling points that remain valuable forever because they are permanent, unchanging, and appreciates in value as the world continues to nosedive into moral decadence and be packed up with many "beauties without brains". Also, they are unique virtues because it is very rare to find women who have all three today; they're not virtues you can get by plastic surgery. So a wise woman makes godly character, the fear of God, and intelligence her selling point. 

Consider this for a moment: if you make any part of your body that people compliments you about the most your selling point, what would you do if it stops being attractive to people? This is why some ladies are battling with low self-esteem, depression, hopelessness and sadness; what they were once complimented for is no longer attractive to people: the nice shape they were once complimented for is gone with its compliments- so they're frustrated. The flat tummy, the straight legs, the sleek thighs, the facial beauty they were once praised and adored for is gone with its praise- so they're depressed. What is your selling point? What have you made your selling point? Be a wise woman who makes godly character, the fear of God and intelligence her selling point because these are qualities and virtues that never depreciates in value. They're profitable, they're in high demand in the world today. You can find a sexy woman anywhere. You can easily find a woman with big boobs, big butt, sexy legs, glossy thighs,... but a woman with godly character, the fear of God and intelligence is very very rare to find. 

Moreover, having big boobs, nice shape, flat tummy etc, as your selling point does not mean you'll not have customers. You'll have customers, but you'll not have the right customers coming. You'll have men who'll love you and be with you as long as your selling point is still selling (appealing). Once your selling point stops selling, their love for you disappears. So you had better maintain that flat tummy or they'll leave you for another lady who has a flat tummy or they might stay but be unfaithful and uncommitted to you. If your selling point is your "figure 8" shape, you had better maintain it or you'll lose their love and commitment. A man you attract with any physical selling point will leave when it is no longer there. But a man you attract with godly character, the fear of God and intelligence stays no matter what happens to any part of your body because it was never what attracted them to you. 

Final note: Is there any part of your body that you always like to flaunt and show the public in your dressing or in pictures and personal videos, it could be what you have made your selling point. Make a decision to be among the wise women today. 

God bless you. 


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