Are You What Your Profile Says "ABOUT YOU" on Social Media? by Precious C Philip

Looking back at the days when hypocrisy consumed my life and I breathed out pretence, I could not imagine the level of foolishness, ignorance, and stupidity I displayed before men. This was many years ago. Today, I'm more surprised that a lot of Christians manifest even greater level of folly. How can the profile of a Christian woman on social media, instagram for example, have this to say about her "Daughter of God, Lover of God, God-fearing, Christ's Ambassador, God's child, etc" but when you go through her page, there is nothing christ-like in her posts- and you begin to wonder if this lady is actually aware of what her profile says about her; if she really understand the information she gave about herself on her profile. Your profile says you're "Jesus' baby" but your posts says something contradictory; it says you're "society's baby" because all your posts are geared toward entertaining the public and getting their attention. What we see is videos of you tweaking and shaking your "butt", pictures of you displaying your boobs, cleavage, thighs, and stomach- posing in a sexually provocative manner to enthrall your followers; yet you try to convince us in your profile that you're Jesus' baby or God's child. That is so lame you know! How does drawing people's attention to your butt draw people to Christ or portray you as a child of God? You don't even attempt to please this Jesus you say you're His baby by projecting Him as your Saviour and Lord to the public, and standing for what He stands for: righteous living, holiness, godliness, sexual purity... You just project yourself as the CEO of your life without pledging allegiance to Jesus the actual owner of your life. 
Let me quickly remind you of this truth: Jesus' true "babies" are royalty because Jesus is a King and He owns the Kingdom of Heaven. Take a cue from earthly royalties -queens and princesses, they don't array themselves in clothes displaying their private body parts, they're always clothed in good, decent, and noble clothes that portray them as royal beings. Are you a royal being, or are you an ordinary being? If you are a royal being, dress accordingly and act accordingly; you don't see earthly royals tweaking and dancing in a sexually arousing manner on social media. Display the comportment expected of royals if you're one. 

It's sad that even Christian men are not left out in this horrific behavior on social media. Your profile says you're a lover of God, yet not a single post of yours is about God and His word.  It's rather about criticizing men of God and religion. How do you not share things about the One you profess to love? You're only busy cursing haters and abusing your enemies. Your profile also says you're God-fearing, but your posts all promote ideologies, practices, and philosophies that contradicts God's word and the teachings of Jesus. You even have pictures and videos encouraging lust, masturbation, premarital sex, ungodly secular music and movies, adultery and the likes on your page. It's a pity. Your profile even tells us that you're Christ's Ambassador, but none of your posts represent Jesus in any way; they rather represent you and the society. You also said in your profile that you're a child of God, but you don't even care about pleasing God in what you post on social media. You say your posts are nothing serious, they're just for fun or you're just having fun, but permit me to remind you the instruction of God in 1 Corinthians 10:31 "When you eat or drink or do anything else, always do it to honor God."

Young man, young woman, your posts is all about football and your business, yet you want God to carry your business on His head and bless it and promote your business- when you're not promoting His kingdom, promoting His teachings and winning souls for Him. God is not a fool, beloved brother and sister. That is why Psalm 18:26 says this about Him "To the pure you show yourself pure, but to the crooked you show yourself shrewd." If you want God to promote your business, promote His business of soul winning. Promote His kingdom. That is the instruction of Matthew 6:33.

Make Jesus proud on social media. Make Jesus trend on social media. The children of satan do not relent in posting things that promote the kingdom of their father- sexually arousing posts, pornographic materials, ungodly secular music and movies, dating sites, sex-related adverts, nudity, homosexuality, premarital sex, alcoholism, seductive dressing etc. Why then should you relax? Why should you be comfortable? Why should you be indifferent in sharing things on your social media platform that will advance the kingdom of God on earth? Why? Take a bold stand for Jesus today. If He has saved you from spending eternity in hellfire, He deserves your all. Take a stand to promote His kingdom, teachings, beliefs, practices, and love for humanity on your social media platform. Advertise Jesus. A lot of people still don't know Him yet as they ought to. Don't just advertise your business alone. Advertise your business, but advertise Jesus more. He must come first. As you promote Jesus, He'll promote your business in ways you never thought possible. 
If you're truly for Jesus, then stand for Him and stand with Him. Always remember His words in Luke 9:26 "If you are ashamed of me and of my teaching, then the Son of Man will be ashamed of you when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels."
Let the world know you're truly Christ's ambassador. Let them see you're a true child of God. 



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