To have fun, to enjoy life, is not a sin in itself, because the truth is that God planned for us to enjoy life on earth. It is His will that we enjoy life. 1 Timothy 6:17b captures this truth, saying "Tell them to have faith in God, who is rich and blesses us with everything we need TO ENJOY LIFE." John 10:10 further validates this truth "The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]."

However, what might be sinful is your definition of what having fun is and what you call enjoyment in life. Why do I say this? You need to understand that we have worldly fun and enjoyment, and we have godly fun and enjoyment. Worldly fun and enjoyment is the kind people of the world have (those who have not accepted Jesus Christ). It is the practices and activities that they indulge in that gratify their fleshly desires, feed their lusts (lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life), excite and entertain their organs, bring happiness to them, bring pleasure and comfort to their body, and afterwards, ignite the feeling of sorrow, guilt, unfulfilment and emptiness in their soul and spirit. Godly fun and enjoyment on the other hand is the kind children of God have. It is the activities and practices that godly children of God engage in that bring joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, peace and rest to their spirit, edification to their soul, health to their body, and ultimately, glory to God. Consequently, what the world calls fun and defines as "enjoying life" is not what is called fun and enjoying life in the kingdom of God. Are you aware of this truth as a Christian?

What are the characteristics of worldly fun and enjoyment? Drinking alcohol and being intoxicated by it, smoking cigarettes and snorting narcotics, clubbing (dancing and drinking at disco), debauchery and orgies (wild parties involving excessive drinking and unrestrained sexual activity), being entertained by vulgar comedy shows and sexually immoral TV shows, promiscuity, gratifying one's sexual desires by watching porn or sexually provocative videos, music, and movies, excessive eating and drinking, inordinate shopping and acquisition of material things, ostentatious display of money, cars, houses, electronic devices, wristwatches, and other material possessions, flamboyant, luxurious and extravagant lifestyles (purchasing jewelries, clothes, shoes, bags, hairs with preposterous prices), having many girlfriends, side chicks or wives, patronizing prostitutes, having affair with rich men for financial or material gain, having affair with married/rich women for personal gain, and the list goes on - all these typifies worldly fun and enjoyment.

In the kingdom of God, children of God have godly fun. They enjoy life in a godly manner. Because they realize that God is the One who gives us everything to enjoy life on earth, so we must acknowledge Him and honor Him as we go about enjoying all He has given us the privilege to have and enjoy. 1 Corinthians 10:31 says "When you eat or drink or do anything else, always do it for the glory of God." So, whatever we do, whatever activity we engage in as children of God in a bid to have fun and enjoy life, must therefore bring glory to God Almighty. Nothing should be done to bring glory to ourselves. Because it is never about us, it is all about God, our Manufacturer. Every product brings glory to its manufacturer, so should we bring glory to God, our Manufacturer. It is never about pleasing ourselves, but all about pleasing God. For the life we have is not ours, but God's, so we must live it for His pleasure.

What constitutes or epitomize godly fun and enjoyment? Activities that are godly, practices that bring glory, joy and pleasure to God, and habits that edifies and enriches your body, soul and spirit. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 10:23 "Someone may say, "I'm allowed to do anything," but not everything is helpful (beneficial). I'm allowed to do anything, but not everything builds up (edifies)." Thus, any activity, habit, practice, or social occasion that does not edify your spiritual life, your physical body, and your immortal soul should be avoided. Always listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit living in you; whenever you want to do something and He counsels you against doing it, obey Him. Don't listen to the voice of your flesh, it is the voice of the world. Finally, whatever activity or practice the Bible clearly condemns, you should not indulge in because it looks fun. If God condemns it, then there is really no fun in it, but sorrow, hurt, pain, destruction and regrets.

Choose you this day whom you'll serve: God or the god of this world. If you choose God your Manufacturer, live henceforth to bring glory to Him by having fun and enjoying life in the manner expected of all children of God.

God loves you.


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