Loyalty To A Church Vs Loyalty To The Truth

It's a sad thing that many professing Christians are loyal to their church (place of worship) rather than being loyal to the Truth.
Dear reader, hear this truth: your loyalty to a church will not take you to Heaven; rather, it is your loyalty to the truth of God's word that will take you to Heaven. You can be loyal to a church and still miss heaven, but you can't be loyal to the truth and miss heaven. It is not right for any Christian to continue to attend a church where you know the truth of God's Word is not being preached, or the truth of God's Word is not being taught in its entirety, simply because it's your family church, the church you attended from childhood with your parents, or the church you were baptized, dedicated, wedded and so on... and so you don't want to "offend" anyone.

You're not growing spiritually; you're not practically living a holy life; you're still struggling with sin and some immoral habits; you don't know your identity in Christ; you are not filled with the Holy Ghost; you cannot read and understand the Bible; you have no personal knowledge of God nor a relationship with God; you don't know how to pray effectively and receive answers to your prayers; you are not heaven-conscious neither can you really tell if you're saved (born again) or not, and so you are not sure if you'll go to heaven if you died today; yet you're loyal to this church. WAKE UP, beloved! It really makes no sense to stay loyal to a church, serve in the church, hold a title, receive commendation from a man of God, and engage in all sorts of religious activities, yet miss Heaven at the end because you weren't loyal to the truth. Think about it!

Let me honestly tell you: You are risking your precious soul. YOU ARE NOT A CHILD to not be able to decide to do what is right and actually do it. The most prominent reason many Christians give as to why they cannot change church is because it is “our family church”- the church my parents attend and the church I attended from childhood and was baptized. But remember, you will die alone, not with your family or parents, and you'll be judged alone after death, not with your family, parents, friends, Pastor, or Priest. Your relationship with God is personal, not communal. If you can make certain choices without your parents' consent or knowledge, nothing stops you from choosing the church you attend with or without their consent as a born again child of God. You choose who to marry on your own. You choose the kind of job to do. You choose where to live. You choose how many children to have. You choose parties to attend on your own. You choose the kind of car, clothes, shoes and bags you buy with or without your parents' consent. We make all these decisions on our own without involving our parents, but when it comes to where we serve God, we suddenly push the decision over to our parents or use them as an excuse as to why we can’t change church. Is it your parents that should decide where you are to serve God? Or is it God that should decide where you are to serve Him? You really have no excuse not to do the right thing. You can't blame anyone, not even your parents, for being misled. As a child, you follow your parents to where they worship God, but as an adult, God expects you to consult Him as to where to serve Him.

Everyone will stand before God alone. It is not a sin to change church so far as you're leaving a church where the truth of the Bible is not being preached for a church where the truth of God's word is being taught. It is rather a sin to remain in a place where lies, heresies and deception is preached. Don't please your parents, don't please your friends, don't please your older siblings, don't please any man of God, and don’t please anybody at the detriment of your immortal soul. Honor your parents, but obey God.
Jesus says in Luke 14:26: "You cannot be my disciple, unless you love me more than you love your father and mother, your wife and children, and your brothers and sisters. You cannot follow me unless you love me more than you love your own life."  Do you love Jesus more than your parents, or do you love your parents more than Jesus?

There is "the right place" for every child of God; there is "the Pastor or Priest" for every child of God. Until you locate the right place for you, you'll keep struggling in life; until you locate the right Pastor or Priest for you, you'll never prosper. You need to be fed with the right word at the right place by the Pastor or Priest divinely ordained for you, to grow spiritually and enjoy all-round prosperity. Every child of God has a special and unique assignment to fulfill on earth, and a particular Pastor or Priest has been ordained to feed you with the right knowledge you need to fulfill this divine assignment.
"And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." says God (Jeremiah 3:15)

Don't take this issue casually because it contributes to how successful you become on earth. Go to God in prayer and sincerely ask Him with a heart of obedience to show you the right place for you and the right Pastor or Priest for you; and do what He says.
Choose loyalty to the truth! God's Word (the Bible) is the truth. John 8:32 says “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Only the truth will set you free from slavery to sin, sickness, the devil and his agents, poverty, barrenness, failure, stagnation…


God bless you.


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