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First off, kindly note that it is not compulsory to marry. Apostle Peter married (Matthew 8:14-15), but Apostle Paul did not marry (1 Corinthians 7:7-8). Jesus our Saviour was never married while on earth. So, you have a choice to marry or not to marry. However, if you decide to marry as a child of God, you must follow God's blueprint for marriage and marry the way He instructs - and stay married the way He expects. On the other hand, if you choose not to marry as a child of God, you must also live in the manner God expects you to live - a sexually pure and holy life.

Now, let's look at today's topic of discussion: WHY MARRY? 

I'll share 10 REASONS with us on why to marry if you're thinking of settling down with a life partner soon. These are things that assures you that you're ready to marry.


1. Because you understand that marriage is a covenant and was initiated by God and must be built and run with the MASTER'S PLAN (GOD'S PLAN), that is, His plan of raising godly seed (Malachi 2:15). His plan of living in love, unity and peace. And because you understand that every marriage instituted by God has a unique purpose it's meant to serve - God's principal reason for bringing the two of you together in marriage, and you're ready to submit to what God wants to do with your union and are prepared to partner with God to bring it to pass.

2. Because you understand what marriage is, what it entails and the cost involved (taking care of your spouse, children and in-laws in some cases), and you have prepared yourself physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially to get married. In other words, you are financially capable, physically mature, emotionally sound, and spiritually mature to do all that marriage requires.
Marriage requires constant forgiveness, constant prayers for your spouse, children and home, constant communication, understanding of each other, investment of time and resources, sharing of items at home (can you share what you call your personal belongings with someone else?), living together with someone, cooking and cleaning the house, sleeping on the same bed with them, being financially accountable to your spouse, enduring nauseating habits they may have (like snoring, untidiness, not remembering to flush the toilet after use, farting, loud chewing of food ... until they change?).

3. Because you understand that marriage is giving and not solely receiving, giving and not simply taking. It is about ensuring the person you are married to is fulfilled in life, realizes their full potential, pursues and accomplish God's purpose for their life, and gets the best that life offers.

4. Because you're happy with yourself and the life you're living. You are whole and know that you're complete in Christ. You only need someone to share the joyful and complete life you have in Christ with. You are not looking for someone to make you happy, or give you a happy life, or complete you.

5. BECAUSE you understand that TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE and the marriage relationship is the highest level of relationship you can enter with any human. You're knitted together in BODY (sexual intimacy), SPIRIT (spiritual connectivity) AND SOUL (being of one mind) and you want to benefit from this synergy. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12: "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

6. Because you understand that marriage is about meeting the needs of the other person (your husband or wife) and not just getting your own needs met alone. You are ready to meet and satisfy their need for food, for sex, for respect, for affection and love, for communication, for companionship, for friendship, for appreciation and admiration.

7. Because you understand and are willing to fully obey the law of submission (as a wife) to your husband and the law of unconditional love (as a husband) to your wife. See Ephesians 5:22-33

8. To ladies: Because you have seen a man whose head is Christ. In other words, you have found a man who is submitted to Christ. It is easier to submit to a man who is submitted to Christ. This is why you must not accept to marry just any man, but a man who is submitted to Christ, if you really want to obey Christ's instruction to submit to your husband, and do so without a bitter heart.

9. To men: Because you have found a lady who is submitted to Christ. It is easier to love a woman who is submitted to Christ because her submission to Christ will enable her submit to you effortlessly and give you due reverence and respect. She can't be submitted to Christ and not submit to you. If she is not submitted to Christ, she'll struggle with submission to you and loving her will be extremely difficult.

10. Lastly, you understand perfectly that marriage is not a dating relationship that is short-lived, neither is it a courtship that can be broken at will, but a lifetime covenant and commitment meant to last as long as the person you're married to is living. See 1 Corinthians 7:39, Romans 7:2.

I believe this has blessed you. Go ahead and share with someone you love to bless them too.


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