THE EAGLE AND THE CHICKS ~ Precious Victor Akah

Growing up, I witnessed an eagle attack a hen and carry off her chick, severally. The eagle, spotting a hen with her chicks (as it is flying in midair searching for food), would fly down and hover over the place where the hen is with her chicks, it would keep hovering until it sights a chick (alone and uncovered), and then it swoops down quickly, and in split second, seize and carry off the chick. Mother hen would run around helplessly, growling and clucking in pain, but can't do anything to rescue her captured chick chirping for help.

However, this is what I noticed a caring and hawk-eyed mother hen usually does: once she sees an eagle flying in the air, she hurriedly calls her chicks to herself and they all run to her. She then spreads her wings for her chicks to come in for covering, they all come in and she covers them with her feathers to keep them away from being seen and captured by the eagle. She stays that way (covering and protecting her chicks with her feathers) until the eagle flies away. 

Now, how does an eagle eventually get to catch a chick? When mother hen covers her chicks with her feathers, as long as the chicks remain under the covering of their mother, the eagle cannot capture any of them. But when mother hen sits that way for too long because the eagle is still around, a rebellious chick, feeling jaded, uncomfortable, and in want of 'fresh air' or food, would come out of the mother's covering, possibly feeling restricted and deprived of recreation and food by the mother (not knowing that a bird called an eagle, capable of devouring it, exists, and is presently around hunting for prey). 

Immediately the eagle spots the rebellious chick alone (away from its mother) and uncovered (not under the mother's wings), it would swoop in fast on the chick and make away with it; that's usually the end of that chick.

What vital lessons do we learn from this as children of God? Psalm 91:1-4 tells us:
"Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him. For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease. He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection." 
Verse 4 is my key focus: "He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings." This is exactly what mother hen does to her chicks when she sees or senses danger.

As children of God, God promises us protection and safety when there is danger, but the only way to stay safe, covered and protected when there is danger or pestilence, when trouble is looming, is to stay and remain under the wings of God. This means OBEDIENCE TO GOD. Rebellion to God and disobedience to His commands and instructions will only expose you to harm, leave you uncovered for demonic attack or human assault, and end in total destruction of a person's life. As long as you remain obedient to God, you remain under His covering (wings) and thus, remain protected. Obedience is the only way. 

Obedience to His written Word (the Bible), obedience to His spoken Word (instructions by the Holy Spirit), obedience to divine guidance (God guiding or instructing you through His servant). When God says, don't go out at 10pm or don't follow them and go to that night party, if you listen and obey, you'll be safe. When God tells you to take out time to pray or fast or praise Him, it could be to avert danger. That period of time you obey and stay in the place of prayer or in His presence praising Him, evil will be averted. 

When He instructs you to give, it could be to preempt future suffering and to forestall lack and want. If you obey, you'll be protected from suffering lack, hunger and want. When He says, spend time with me and study my Word, it could be to equip you with the truths you need to tackle future economic downturn or pestilence that is about to strike your town, city, country or the world. Obedience is the way to stay safe and protected from any kind of harm and danger in the world. And not one-time obedience, but continuous obedience.

Another thing I noticed with the hen and the chicks is that, mother hen only spreads her wings to welcome and secure only her chicks. Any chick that she didn't hatch, she does not accommodate or fight for when the eagle comes or attacks. This teaches us that God only spreads His wings for His children to come in for covering and safety when danger or evil comes. It is not when trouble or danger comes that you start quoting scriptures and reciting God's promises of protection and deliverance in the Bible, when you're not yet His child. He won't rise to protect you nor fight for you. You can't use God. Remember He is wisdom Himself. The only way for God to protect you from danger and fight for you when trouble comes is for you to become His child.

Let me use this opportunity to invite you to come to Jesus today if you're yet to become a child of God by sincere faith in Jesus Christ and genuine repentance from your sins. Believe me, there is so much danger, evil, trouble and problems that a person without God is exposed to, let God be your shield, let Him shield and cover you; this is the way to live a victorious life on earth.

God bless you.


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