UNDERSTANDING MEN (Similarities and Differences in Men) ~ Precious Victor Akah

Kindly read last week's article before reading this, for better understanding.
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When a man is said to have been born again, what this means is that his spirit has been made alive and is reconnected back to God, his Maker. A born again man has a revived spirit in him but does not have a renewed body. He still has the same body he had before being born again; his physical body was not affected by the spiritual rebirth he underwent. Remember, it is a spiritual rebirth and not a physical rebirth.

Now, after being born again, the man is expected by God and instructed by God's Word to renew his mind with the Word of God, so he can have a new mindset and way of thinking that aligns with the Word of God and the mind of God. A man's mind controls the man, so if you want to change a man, you have to first change his mindset. Without changing his mindset first, you cannot change the man. This is why some people remain the same and unchanged even after being born again and filled with the Holy Spirit - they have simply refused to renew their mind with the Word of God (to jettison their old way of thinking, discard their old mindset and replace it with God's own mindset)... so they continue living in sin and practicing immorality, even though they're born again.

Now let's look at what makes men different in some areas. We have: upbringing, background, family culture, the kind of training they received from their parents and traits they acquired from their parents, the kind of environment they grew up in, the nation they grew up in, the friends they had while growing up and maintain friendship with as adults, the education they received, and so on....all these differs from one man to another (talking about men generally).
All men were not raised by the same parents, neither were they all raised in the same environment and given the same training, nurturing, exposure, and education.
So when anyone says that all men are the same, it is a naked lie, because of the highlighted points. 

Zeroing in on born again Christian men, you'll also discover that they differ from each other in some areas. Why is this so? THE MIND. It all boils down to the mind. Not all men, after being born again, take reasonable amount of time to renew their mind with the Word of God, and remember, the mind of a man controls him. The Bible says, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). The extent or level to which a man renews his mind with the Word of God determines the level of mind transformation (mind upgrading) they experience and the level of spiritual growth they attain. This is why born again men differ from each other in thinking, mindsets they have, character they have, virtues and attributes they possess, wisdom they have or lack, values they have, principles and morals they have, and reaction they have to different things.

Coming to the similarities in men: men are the same when it comes to their basic needs, like physical needs, sexual needs, emotional needs etc., because remember, the body did not take part in the spiritual rebirth, so the desires of the body stays the same. The ignoble and unrighteous desires of the body, a born again man, is then expected to deny and kill with the power of the Holy Spirit and a renewed mind. The desire for sex, for good food, for respect, for honor, for praise and admiration, for friendship from their wives... stays the same. 

So you find that just as this person's unsaved husband wants sex often is the same way your born again husband wants sex often. Funny enough, the same way an unsaved married man wants to explore different sex styles with his wife is the same way your born again husband wants to explore different sex styles with you (this he may or may not open up to you depending on the kind of relationship and level of intimacy that exists between you two). The same way an unsaved man wants a sexy wife in the bedroom and an attractive and neat wife at home is the same way your born again husband wants you to look sexy in the bedroom and very attractive and neat at home. These basic needs are the same with most men (born again or not). Respect and honor, sex and good food, praise and admiration, friendship, are basic needs of men generally. Never forget that.



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