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If you're a regular online shopper, you would have realized by now that things are usually different in reality. What you order online, when delivered to you, could be better in reality or worse in reality. Usually, what is advertised online looks far more captivating in pictures and videos than it is in actuality. Well, this is not just the case with online shopping only, it is also the case with human beings in this modern era.

On social media, you'll see married couples loving up on each other, when in actuality, some of them are not even sleeping together on the same bed due to malice, bitterness and unforgiveness; you'll also see couples who appear not to be doing well together on social media, but in reality, they have the best of marriage. 

Some social media users flaunt pictures of themselves in gorgeous, elegant, smart and luxurious outfits, while in reality, they are borrowed or hired outfits; some look clean online but are slobby in real life. Even there are those who look beggarly online but are rich in reality and vice versa.

What am I driving at with this? As an unmarried person (if you're active on social media), the tendency is there to want to envy some individuals or couples you see online, who seem to be so happy with their lives or who appear to already have everything you're still struggling to achieve. Well, I want you to chillax. Remember the case with online shopping, that is exactly how it is with human beings in our modern world. 

I'm not saying, however, that you should not desire to grow and aim higher, but the idea is to avoid competition and comparison.
The Scripture says in 2 Corinthians 10:12, "We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise." You are wise, so do not do that. 

For instance, you may have decided to embrace sexual purity and resolved not to engage in pre-marital sex or even cohabit as it is trending these days, yet, when you go online, you would see unmarried couples (copulating and cohabiting) loving up on each other and sharing their supposed "sweet, happy romantic relationship" online and you're tempted to envy and question if sexual purity is really worth it.  Beloved, it is a SHAM! It is a FACADE!

You need to always have the case of online shopping in mind, it is usually never what it is in reality. And for anyone who is living contrary to God's will and in disobedience to God's commands, I can tell you for free, with all boldness and confidence, that it is worse in reality. As a matter of fact, the fact that it is worse in reality is what is giving them the push to want to show on social media that their relationship/marriage is perfect and admirable. So don't be deceived for a moment.

No matter what anyone who is living in defiance to God's Word and commandments is showing off on social media about their life, marriage or relationship being too sweet and happy, it is all a lie. You cannot be disobedient to God and have a happy life. If you want a happy life, a happy relationship, a happy marriage, the first step is to reconnect with your Maker (God Almighty) and live in obedience to Him. That is the only time you can truly have a happy life.

So beloved, quit envying and fix your gaze on God's Word, that is the only real reality. One thing you must try your best not to do, as an unmarried person, even though a lot of social media users these days are doing it, is to avoid praying or wishing to have the kind of relationship or marriage you see being portrayed, displayed or paraded online by Wedding or Marriage bloggers as the ideal relationship or marriage. People will always publicize good stories and privatize the bad ones.

Therefore, do not paint, pattern, or draw the picture of the kind of marriage you want to build with random romantic pictures or sweet stories of couples you see online. Remember, you do not know the full story, what they shared online is only a 'pinch' of the story and not the entire story. As a matter of fact, if they're intending couple (engaged and not yet married), their story is just beginning, and neither you, nor they know how it'll end. This is why you should not use their relationship or soon-to-be marriage as a guide to build yours.

As a wise person, the sure place you should go to to get wisdom and understanding on how to build a good marriage, the marriage of your dreams, is God's Word, first. Because all the principles and teachings about marriage it gives is sure-fire. Another place you should go to is marriage and relationship books written by the inspiration of God's Word. This is the only way to ensure that what you order in prayer, when delivered to you in reality, you'll be very pleased with it. It is the way to build a marriage the story is sure to end well.

Get your wisdom for choosing a spouse and for building a good marriage from God and not from random social media couples you do not know how their marriage is in reality and if what they're teaching is actually working for them. God's teaching and wisdom on relationship and marriage is time-tested. It has been proven to work because it is meant to work.

Remain blessed.

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