I came across this Scripture during my personal Bible study and it wowed me: "Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was childless. The LORD answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant." Genesis 25:21 (NLT). 

There are several important lessons Christian men (single and married) can learn from this Scripture. We have often heard stories of Christian men who divorce, separate from, abandon, or maltreat their wife simply because she's unable to bear children. But this is a direct opposite of what Isaac did when his wife was childless. His response was unconditional love towards his wife despite her challenge conceiving. The undying true love he had for his wife propelled him to pray to God on behalf of his wife and God answered his prayer, because his hands were clean and his heart was pure (he wasn't maltreating his wife, but rather showing her genuine love). 

It is so sad that we can't find many Christian married men today who would stand by their wife, love her unconditionally and pray for her in her struggle to conceive and bear children. We rather find many who will not hesitate to divorce their wife due to her inability to conceive as fast as they want. Some would start cheating on their wife or impregnate another lady outside their marriage. Others would stop loving their wife and start beating and maltreating her once there is a delay in childbirth. This is very ungodly!

As a married Christian man, please learn and emulate the attitude of Isaac towards his wife's delay in childbearing. No matter the challenge that confronts your family, always stand with your wife - stand beside her. It is important that you also be a prayerful husband. If you love your wife and pray to God on her behalf regarding any challenge she may be going through or any bad behavior she is exhibiting that you want her to stop manifesting, God will answer you as He answered Isaac. Ask God in prayer to answer you as He answered Isaac.

Love your wife sincerely and pray for her. If you don't pray for your wife, you can't be called a good Christian husband. It is not just your wife that should pray for you. As you saw from the Scripture we read, Isaac prayed to God on behalf of his wife and God heard his prayer. So, God expects you to pray for your wife. He wants to hear your voice in prayer interceding for your wife. If you have not been doing so, start today. Imagine if Isaac had never prayed for his wife, they may never have given birth to Esau and Jacob. If Isaac had refused to pray and chose to complain, God would not have intervened on their matter and their childlessness would have been protracted.

And to all unmarried Christian men hoping or planning to marry soon, understand that there is a crucial need for you to build a strong prayer life. Don't just sit down and be looking for a prayerful woman to marry - so she'll be praying for you while you relax. God expects you to be prayerful too. Start now to learn how to pray if you don't know how to pray. Because there are definitely challenges that will arise in marriage where the only or the fastest solution would come from you praying for your wife.

Final word: Christian married men, pray for your wife. She needs your prayers too even though she is your helper. She needs your prayers to be able to adequately offer you the kind of help you need. If you both are presently battling with childlessness, do what Isaac did and receive your long awaited miracle: show your wife deep love and pray to God on her behalf and there will be a great turnaround. Complaining, cheating on your wife, impregnating another woman, divorcing your wife, abandoning her, bullying, mistreating, physically abusing her, insulting, disrespecting or blaming your wife will not put an end to the childlessness. Do the right thing. Be patient with her and pray for her. True love is patient.

Isaac was married to his wife Rebekah at the age of 40 and Rebekah gave birth to twins (Esau and Jacob) when Isaac was 60 years old. So they waited for 20 years before Rebekah finally conceived and gave birth (Genesis 25:19-26). Be patient with God and be patient with your wife - as one of the attributes of true love is patience (1 Corinthians 13).

Christian single men, build your prayer life. Don't let it die because you erroneously believe you just need to marry a prayerful woman and all will be fine with you and your family; No! Your own prayer is crucial to the success of your marriage and peace of your home.

Remain blessed.



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