A PRESSURE TO BRUSH-OFF by Precious C Philip

A lot of virgins in our present world are receiving intense pressure to lose their virginity from those who have already lost their virginity.

They read posts on social media such as "Virginity is old fashioned." "You don't have to be a virgin to have a good marriage." "Losing your virginity is a sweet feeling because you get to enjoy sex." "There are no virgins in the world today, both among the males and the females." "If you're not having sex and enjoying the pleasure of sex, you're not enjoying life."... and other misleading posts and ideologies being propagated on social media today by the sexually immoral and promiscuous. So,  many virgins are now being tempted to lose their virginity and flow with the crowd. Many are feeling incomplete, different, unaccepted, rejected and alone because they're still virgins, both male and female. 

If you're a virgin, I have a good news for you: YOU ARE THE ENVY OF MANY. Unknown to you, you are the envy of those who have lost their virginity. I want you to appreciate this concealed truth: 99% of those who have lost their virginity are sincerely not happy about it whenever they remember it. If they're given the opportunity to become virgins again, they'll all jump at it. This is the truth that is hidden from you. 

So many of them are finding it hard to forgive themselves because they lost their virginity through ignorance, and some are struggling with low self-esteem because they were abused sexually. 

Side note: Please if you've lost your virginity (willingly or unwillingly) and you're saddened about it, allow Jesus to heal you. It is not the end of your life. You can still fulfill your life's purpose. You can still be great in life, have a wonderful marriage, and be a blessing to your generation. You can still be all that God created you to be. Just turn to Jesus and be healed. Don't allow the devil use your pain to inflict pain on others by spreading false teachings about virginity and making light of the subject. Because this is what the devil will use your pain to do if you don't allow Jesus to completely heal you. He'll also seek to use your pain to ruin your life completely by getting you deep into sexual immoral practices. Please don't give him a chance. 

That you're no longer a virgin doesn't make it okay to engage in sexual immoral practices; there are many non-virgins who're living sexually pure life. You can be one of them.

Today, majority of the people on social media saying that virginity is outmoded are those who have lost their virginity. Why? They're still hurting, thus, speaking out of emotional pain (unknown to them). So, in an attempt to comfort themselves, ease the pain, and feel good about themselves, they start attacking what they see as the source of their pain -VIRGINITY, and lambasting or criticising those who are still virgins. Please don't do this!  You'll never heal nor find joy and fulfilment doing this. It'll only increase your pain. Only Jesus and the word of God can give you true healing and restoration. Turn to Jesus. 

As for virgins, please grasp this truth: you'll hardly ever see anyone come on social media to share the bad experience they had losing their virginity, or to share the shame, guilt, sadness, sorrow, and regrets that feel their heart because they lost their virginity. It is very rare to read such stories on social media. This is because many people are good at pretence. 

People tend to mask their shame and hide their regrets and pain behind a smile, and act as though everything is right with them -they're having the best of life.

Meanwhile, behind closed doors, where no one is watching, they're weeping and regretting losing their virginity. But on social media, they'll put on a bold face, and encourage teenagers and virgins that it is okay to have sex with someone you 'love', just use protection. And these innocent ones will accept their counsel and get involved in sex, only to end up sharing their pain and regrets with them. 

Please understand that the real nature of humans is to see others suffer while they're suffering, to see others regret while they're regretting, to see others sorrowful when they're sorrowful, to see others in pain when they're in pain. It takes new birth and mind renewal with God's word to want to see others joyful even when you're passing through a painful situation. It takes being born-again to correct others and give them godly counsel that'll prevent them from making the mistakes you made. 

As a virgin, believe this: 99% of non-virgins wish they never lost their virginity and wish they can get an opportunity to be virgins again. That is why we see people selling and marketing products they say will tighten a woman's vagina and give it a virgin look, and people are seriously buying. Some even go to the extent of undergoing a surgery to try to regain their virginity. All this is because when we choose to disobey God, we'll always end up with regrets. 

Dear virgin girl, boy, lady, or man, you have something precious that millions are willing to give up anything to get. Don't lose it. Don't despise it. Don't trade it for a minute pleasure. Don't think it's worth nothing. Don't think it's no big deal. Once lost, it can never be recovered. Guard what you have jealously with all your strength. Always rely on the help of the Holy Spirit, the wisdom of God, and the grace of God to preserve this virtue. You are privileged. It is an honor. 


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