No man can serve God and money. Every man currently on earth is either serving God or money; is either a lover of God or a lover of money.

You are either a lover of God or a lover of money. You are either a servant of God or a servant of money. You’re either worshiping God or worshiping money. You cannot serve two Masters simultaneously. “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” Matthew 6:24

Money is a god and many people today are serving it, even some professing Christians claiming to serve God. Unfortunately, money has more worshipers than God. Satan is very much cognizant of the growing “hot love” for money in these last days, and this is why he is massively using it to entice people, even believers, to worship him; because whoever is a servant of money, is automatically a servant of the devil. Almost every man or woman who is a member of a secret cult or society today joined the cult because of the riches and wealth promised them by the cult once they became a member. The rate of gambling and betting among youths is very alarming due to the love of money. Many young men are willing to go abroad to engage in drug trafficking, internet fraud and other illegal businesses to make money. Most young women overseas don’t mind getting into (public or private) prostitution, living with a man they’re not married to or involving in fornication and adultery just to earn money or take care of their financial and material needs.

It is really very dangerous to love money. Why? You’ll never have sufficient money, according to Ecclesiastes 5:10 “Whoever loves money will never have enough money…” This is the reason why many hustlers, many pursuers of money today, are still struggling financially and cannot live in financial abundance. It is an eternally established divine principle.

Also, whoever pursues money will never catch up with money. In the Kingdom of God, money comes to those who don’t pursue it but pursue God- the Creator of money, instead. Don’t chase money. Chase God and money will chase you. You can say you’re chasing God verbally, but God knows your heart. God examines your heart, and until you’re truly chasing God, God will not cause money to chase you. Reassign your priorities. Seek God first and money shall be added to you (Matthew 6:33).

There is a BIG difference between loving money and liking money. It is ok to LIKE money, but it is very wrong to LOVE money; for the reason that “the love of money”, not “the likeness of money”, is the root of all evils on earth. Those who merely like money don’t serve money, but those who love money serve it. Those who like money do not allow money control them, but lovers of money are controlled by money. Those who like money do not allow money reshape or redefine their godly principles, but lovers of money flout their godly principles in pursuit of money. Those who like money do not disregard their godly values and pull down their righteous standards because of money, but lovers of money cheerfully contravene their standards and violate their godly values for money. Lovers of money can do any ungodly, evil, wicked, immoral, vicious and illegal thing to get money; but it is not so with those who merely like money. Lovers of money are very greedy and excessively stingy. Do you like money or do you love money? Are you a lover of money or a “liker” of money? Be honest with yourself, for self-deceit is the highest and most dangerous form of deceit.

When some Christians struggle to give or cannot give quality offerings, pay tithes faithfully, financially support Evangelism outreaches, missionary work, church planting, financially assist in spreading the Gospel of Jesus and advancing the Kingdom of God on earth, help the poor, the needy, orphans, widows , the aged, less-privileged and handicapped with their money, they possess “the love of money”.

When a Christian gives grudgingly, uncheerfully, stingily, and unwillingly, they are battling with the love of money. If a Christian is not open- handed, delays or fails to give out any money God instructs them to give, sow or lay down as a sacrifice on His altar, they love money. If you love money, you cannot love God at the same time. Until you consciously kill “the love of money”, you cannot possess and really express “the love of God”. Bear in mind that a man who loves money is worshiping money, and a man who is worshiping money is actually worshiping the devil, whether he’s aware of it or not. To worship the Almighty God, the love of money must be totally expunged and replaced with the love of God.

God bless you.


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