LIFE LESSONS (2) ~ Precious Victor Akah

A young woman committed suicide after her ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend disfigured her facial look with acid. She took her life because she felt uglified by the chemical substance. What actually happened? 

On a certain day, a lady decided to go to a night club to have fun. She's an undergraduate in her final year. When she arrived at the club, she got a drink and sat down alone to sip and enjoy herself. Shortly after, a young man walked up to her and engaged her in a tete-a-tete. (This young man happened to be a player - he dates women, make them fall in love with him, have sexual relations with them, and then break their heart - he does this for fun with a close friend of his). 

This young man, with sweet words and flattery immediately captured this lady's heart and she fell helplessly in love with him. He took her out few days after and at the end of the day, took her to a hotel to spend the night together. When they got to the hotel, the guy wanted to get down with her so he could quickly end the relationship thereafter and move on to the next woman, but this lady declined. She said she could not do it because she wasn't prepared yet as she was a virgin and needed time to make the decision to finally become intimate with a man.

The man was upset (but concealed his anger) and told her a lie for them to leave the hotel, because he didn't want to force her nor waste his money on her. He drove her back to her house. Few weeks after, she visited the guy and gave her virginity to him. They both had fun, and afterwards, the guy's friend told him it's time for them to break up with their current girlfriend. The guy was reluctant and asked for time to break up with her, because he was already secretly "in love" with the lady. 

The fact that he met her truly a virgin at her age fascinated him and glued her to his heart. He could not break up with her because to him, she is a good and innocent girl who doesn't deserve to be treated badly. But when his friend pressured him and he had to preserve his friendship with his longtime friend, he broke up with the lady by writing her a break-up letter.

When the lady read the letter, she broke down in tears and regretted meeting the guy, loving him, dating him and giving her body to him. She was sad and wept for many days. She found it very difficult to move on with her life especially because she gave her virginity to this player. She reached out to the guy, visited him and begged him for them to continue the relationship, but the guy dressed her down and walked out on her. So, she gave up trying to beg him and accepted her fate.

Few weeks later, the man began regretting his action after realizing how much he had "fallen in love" with her. Though he was with a new woman, he still missed the lady. So he cunningly sold the idea of "re-dating" their ex to break their heart a second time to his friend so he could be with the lady again. His friend bought the idea and so he went back to this lady, begging for forgiveness and a second chance to date her again. The lady refused, but he kept begging and pleading. 

Eventually, the lady decided to consider him again because she could not move on with her life still. One day, she goes visiting the guy in his house to give him a positive response to his request for them to date again. But on getting there, the guy was with his ex girlfriend who came to beg him not to leave her.

So when this other lady (the ex girlfriend) saw this lady (the first girlfriend), she was furious and thought that the guy had broken up with her because of this lady, not knowing that the guy is a player who merely broke up with her because his mission had been completed. The two ladies exchanged words and the first girlfriend stormed out in anger and went back to her house. A day after, the ex girlfriend of this guy visits the first girlfriend at her home and poured acid on her face to warn her to stay away from the guy.

The acid disfigured her face badly, and so one day, she decided to end her life because of that. Her friend living with her found and read the letter she left behind stating why she ended her life. This is a very sad story. Hmm!

There is another story of a young beautiful woman (27 years old) who spent her youthful years having casual sex with different men. When she became pregnant, she thought she knew who the father of her child is and took the child to him, but the man denied the child. When a DNA test was done upon the man's request, the result proved that the man is not the biological father of the lady's child. She nearly fainted when she heard the result; she fell down weeping passionately, saying she does not know who the biological father of her child is because she truly believed the man is the father of her child.

Finally, a young man (from a wealthy home) in his early twenties was shot dead in the streets. After his demise, 11 women visited his mum, claiming her son impregnated them and they have children with him, and were demanding for child support from the family. This was shortly after this woman lost her only son. She was still mourning the loss of her son when these women confronted her with their claims. Hmm! A lot is happening in our world.

What's in the first story to learn:
1.) Sex before marriage may look as though it's not a big deal, it's all fun and fun and fun, but when you get involved, you're then hit with the sad reality that it is a big deal that it could mar or destroy your life. It has the power to put a person's life on hold. It can mess up one's emotions and destabilize their mental health. It even has the power to take a life.

You'll agree with me that if this lady wasn't sexually intimate with that player, she would have spotted that he is a player in the long run because the guy would want to mount pressure on her for sex, and if she kept declining, the guy would have no option but to leave her, and she would be fine, her virginity still intact and reserved for the right man (her legally married husband). 

Also, she considered giving this player a second chance when he came back begging because the sexual intimacy she had with this guy is permanently stuck in her head, making it difficult for her to move on. It is very hard and almost impossible to lose the memory of your first sexual encounter as a woman and to forget the man who slept with you first time. It is very hard. This is why God Almighty wants us to stay sexually pure until we marry to become sexually intimate with who we're married to - and create a permanent, strong and unbreakable bond. Leave sex until you're legally married to someone.

What's in the second story to learn?
1.) Sleeping around as a woman may seem fun and pleasurable because you're getting paid in kind or in cash for it, but what if you get pregnant and can't tell or find who the biological father of your child is, and you would have to live everyday of your life regretting your past wayward lifestyle because your child will grow up not knowing who their father is and not having their father in their life. And, some children may not forgive you for denying them the privilege to grow up with fatherly love, care and presence. Think of the future now and begin to act responsibly. 

What's in the third story to learn?
1.) You may be tempted to think as a man that you have the freedom, liberty and right to have sexual affairs with any woman you like, but what if you impregnate many ladies and end up having to pay child support for more than 5 different women with the little salary or income you're making, and if you don't, you're jailed in some countries. 
Even if you're earning so much money, by the time you pay child support for more than 5 children consistently for one whole year, your finances will surely not be the same. Moreover, if something should happen to you, would you be glad to have different women accosting your parents, demanding for child support because they claim you impregnated them? These are real probabilities. Please brood over them.

God's commands and instructions in the Bible for us human beings living on earth are primarily to help us live a meaningful, fulfilling, purposeful, and successful life on earth. When you decide to ignore God and His instructions and do things your own way or do what makes you happy, you'll later come back to acknowledge that God is wise and your decisions were honestly foolish. Do what is right, not just what makes you happy.

Don't wait to learn from your own mistakes, some mistakes can't be undone and some are very costly. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others and make reasonable and sensible decisions. Surrender to Jesus, accept His Lordship over your life and live life His own way, adhering to His standards, to enjoy a fulfilling life on earth.

If you're currently living a lifestyle you know in years to come you'll not be proud to tell your children you lived such life, nor be joyful to live with the consequences of that lifestyle, it's not too late to repent and embrace the beautiful life Jesus has offered to all mankind. Accept this life by faith in Jesus, ask and receive forgiveness from God and commit to living a decent and honorable life henceforth. Live according to God's revealed will in the Holy Bible and you'll love your life.

God bless you as you make the decision today to embrace the beautiful eternal life Jesus offers.
"A thief (Satan) is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I (Jesus) came so you can have real and eternal life, more and better life than you ever dreamed of." John 10:10



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