Did you know that the first miracle Jesus did at Cana in Galilea (miracle of turning water into wine), it was His mother, Mary, who impelled Him to do it? In other words, had Mary, the mother of Jesus, not pushed her Son to perform that extraordinary miracle (even though Jesus said His time had not yet come), we would not have heard of the uncommon miracle of turning water into wine at Cana. Read the story in John 2:1-11.

Jesus' mother believed in Him as the Son of God ever before Jesus performed a miracle. That was why she pushed Jesus to perform His very first miracle because she knew what Jesus was capable of doing as the Son of God. She knew He was the Son of God and had the power to do anything and solve any problem, including the miracle of turning water into wine to solve the problem of wine that finished early at the marriage ceremony. She knew the power, abilities and potentials Jesus had, and so, she pushed Him to unveil it to the world.

Do you know your children as a mother? How well do you know your child/children? Do you know them well enough to know their God-given potentials? Do you know them enough to know what God has called them to do? Do you know them enough to know their talents, skills and areas of strengths and expertise, to help them develop it and fan it to flame, perfectly maximizing their potentials to realize their destiny? Are you helping your children showcase their latent potentials to the world?

God is counting on you as a mother to help your children realize their potentials and fulfill destiny. Imagine what would have happened if Jesus' mother had not pushed her Son to employ His divine power to turn water into wine, Jesus would not have performed that miracle in Galilea, and this pleasant result would not have taken place at that time: "This was Jesus' first miracle, and he did it in the village of Cana in Galilee. There Jesus showed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him." John 2:11

Do you believe in your child? Do you believe in what they can do and become in life? You have the power to push your children into their destinies. You're meant to help them fulfil their godly dreams - not to delay, quench, hinder or kill it.

Mary the mother of Jesus, was a good mother. No wonder God chose her to birth the Saviour because God knew she had the qualities of a good mother and knew she would do a great job raising and helping Jesus to fulfil the divine assignment He has been given on earth. God trusted her.

Can God trust you with one or two of His children to help them fulfil their divine assignment or will you push them to actualize your own dreams, ambition and aspirations? Maybe you've been asking God for a child for many years and the wait is frustrating you. But can God trust you to raise any child He gives you according to His way? Or will you raise them in your own way and set them up to do your will and not God's will? Carefully consider this.

Will you train them to serve and honor God? Will you raise them to be godly and live godly lives? The Scripture says God seeks godly children (Malachi 2:15). Will you give God godly children if He gives you children or will you give Him wayward and ungodly children who care less about honoring God with their lives? Think about it. 

As a mother with children, are you intentional, firm and consistent in raising godly children that will bring honor to God? Or have you abandoned your children at the mercy of Satan and left social media (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix...) to train them? Do you pray with your children and teach them how to pray?

Do you intercede fervently for your children in the place of prayer? Do you pray for them at night and commit them into God's hands daily? Or do you sleep all night? If you don't pray for your children, you may weep over them. I know you're working and have a tight schedule, but learn from Mary the mother of Jesus. Your prayers and input is very crucial to the realization of the destinies of your children. My mum's constant prayers for me went a long way in me becoming who I am today and her prayers is still doing wonders in my life.

It is a sad thing that today, we hear and see many teenagers and youths getting involved in all sorts of unspeakable things. Because many mothers are no longer praying but are taking with levity the destinies of their children.

They're busy 'slaying' on social media, getting carried away by frivolities and cares of this life, hence giving the devil much room to capture and sabotage the destinies of their children. This will not be your portion in Jesus' Name. Arise now and pray for your children. Commit to ensuring they're raised in the fear of God and in His way. The Holy Spirit will help you.

Spend enough time with your children. Give them listening ears always. Give them adequate attention whenever they need it. Never be too busy for your children. Never push them away (because when you push them away, you'll likely push them into the hands of the devil). Do not place your work/job/career above them. 

Be there for your children whenever they need you, so that you don't give the devil an opportunity to bring some of his children to give your children the attention, love and care you refused to give them (to their own destruction). We are not ignorant of the schemes of the devil. TELL your children you love them and SHOW them that you love them.

The Lord will help us all to raise godly children that we and God will be proud of; because it is important that we don't just raise children that we alone are proud of, but children that God Himself is also proud of. If you're proud of your children and God is not proud of them, you have not done a good job (it is possible to be proud of your children and God is not proud of them). So our goal is: to raise godly children God will be proud of. If God is proud of our children, we'll be proud of them.

I hope this blessed you. Feel free to drop your comments and questions below if you have any and we (I and the Holy Spirit) will gladly respond to them.

Stay blessed.


  1. Its very good you talk about this. But in a society where the goals/accomplishment is centered at the level of wealth acquisition; Be it moral or immoral ways of getting it. So how can a carnal mother be contented with the spiritual benefits and accomplishments of their child?

    1. Thank you for your comment and question. This post was written to godly mothers and they'll be highly "contented with the spiritual benefits and accomplishments of their child". A carnal mother will not. And the only way for her to be contented is to first address the root of the problem which is CARNALITY and the fruit of DISCONTENTMENT will be dealt with. When she stops being carnal and starts being spiritually-minded, her mindset, values and priorities will change to align with God's own.

      Moreover, the world/society should never decide, define or dictate to godly mothers/parents what the ultimate goal or primal expectation should be in the lives of their children or what they should use to determine if their children are successful or not or even to guage their success. They are called godly mothers because pleasing God and doing His will is their primary goal and that is by letting God's Word and God the Holy Spirit teach them what God the Father expects from their children, and not letting the world influence their mindset and define what a successful child is. I hope our answer is satisfying enough.
      Thank you.


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