DECEIVED ~ Precious C Philip

A man and a woman (both professing Christians) met, courted and got married after a few years. But unknown to the lady, the man she got married to was a gay. He only decided to marry her as a cover up for his covert sin. The lady never knew this until after marriage.

However, before she accepted to marry this man professing to be a Christian (who she actually met in her church), she never took time to pray to God - to know God's mind concerning the man's marriage proposal to her.

She just agreed to marry him because he was her "spec", he had the qualities she needed: he was tall, handsome, rich, nice, kind, caring, generous, romantic, goes to church... After this young lady discovered that the man she got married to was a gay, she quickly sought for divorce, claiming that God does not expect her to be in marriage with someone who "has a different sexual orientation". She also claimed that she was deceived. 

When people heard her story (Christians inclusive) they felt pity for her, affirmed that she was indeed deceived and should not be blamed (the man is evil), and applauded her for opting for a divorce. They also assured her that God is in full support of her decision and okays it. They even prayed God's blessings upon her. 

But, how did these people come to this conclusion? This young woman who claims to be a Christian (a follower of Jesus and a child of God) did not seek the face of God in personal prayers before accepting to marry the man she married. She literally put God aside and relied on her instincts, feelings and intelligence, now, she and people around her suddenly believe God wants her to divorce her husband because "God Himself did not know her husband was deep in homosexuality before they got married; God was deceived too"? Hmm! What a world!

So many Christians fail to pray before choosing a life partner and hide under the shameful excuse that they were DECEIVED, to seek a divorce, or separate and remarry, and to arouse and covet people's pity and compassion - so they don't put the blame on them. When you refuse to deceive yourself, you'll not be deceived by another. Did you know it's a very shameful thing to say that you were deceived? It means you are not wise and you are not connected to God, because God reveals secrets to those who are connected to Him and every child of God is meant to be wise. God is a wise God, you can't be His child and be foolish.

Now, why was our sister in the story deceived? Was it God's will for her to be deceived? Was God the One who planned for her to be deceived? We usually like to make decisions without involving God, but run from or try to excuse ourselves from the consequences of our bad decisions. We don't remember God nor seek His opinion when we want to make life decisions, but when we're faced with the repercussions of our bad selfish decisions, we want to hide under the love of God to avoid taking responsibility for our actions. So we say things like "God does not want me to suffer" "God does not want me to be in a loveless relationship" "God does not want me to be unhappy for the rest of my life or to stay in an unhappy marriage", when we never consulted this God to know who He wants us to marry in order to have a good marriage.

I've realized that whoever wants to be deceived into marrying a dishonest person will be deceived because they will not pray, they'll not seek God's guidance and leading in personal prayers, they'll not exercise patience for God to answer their prayers (if they pray) and reveal to them what they need to know about who they want to get married to. Social media users often say, "No one plans for divorce or for a bad marriage or to be deceived" but the truth remains: if you don't plan to talk to God, to pray, to present who you want to marry before God and get God involved throughout the process, you've automatically planned to end in divorce, a bad marriage, or to be deceived. That is the truth. We have more dishonest people in the society today than we had decades ago because evil has multiplied and tripled in our day as the Bible prophesied.

Your only safety is in involving God in all your decisions, especially the decision of who to marry. Those who want to avoid being deceived will pray and hear from God. The ball is in your court. Any professing Christian that is deceived into marrying a gay or a lesbian or a fraudster or someone already married or an occultist or anyone given to hidden heinous crimes and vices is to be blamed; they allowed themselves to be deceived because of impatience, failure to pray and know God's will, and because of selfish reasons or personal gains.

So, if you find yourself in a situation like this or you're already in one, go back to God in genuine repentance and build a real relationship with God. Afterwards, He'll give you the wisdom to handle the situation properly. Ending the relationship to begin another one (particularly if you're married) is not the perfect solution because the real issue hasn't been treated. You'll end the marriage and enter another one where lies and deceit will still abound. You need to establish and build a real relationship with God.

God's children who are sensitive, attentive to the voice of God, and who involve God in their decisions cannot be deceived by these UNGODLY FELLOWS. God will always reveal what they're hiding to His children. Many people lie, deceive and pretend today. The only way to avoid being a casualty is to befriend God. If you rely on your instincts, feelings, intelligence, smartness, people's opinion, you'll end up in a big mess.

Get God involved in your life decisions - in the decision of who to marry, and you'll not be deceived into marrying the wrong person. God cannot be deceived. He is all-knowing. Nothing is hidden and can be hidden from Him. So when He guides you, you'll not be deceived.



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