I know the first thing that will come to the minds of some people close to me would be "Shhhh! It's because you're abroad, that's why you don't borrow", or "It's because you're earning a lot of money, that's why you don't borrow", or "It's because you have more than one source of income that's why you don't borrow."

Please, if any of this is currently on your mind, I want you to completely discard it. Why? One, I know a lot of people who're abroad that live by borrowing from friends and colleagues. Two, I know some persons that earn more than I do monthly (abroad and in my home country) that depend on borrowing to pay their bills. Three, there are people who have more than two sources of income and yet they cannot do without borrowing. So, none of these explains why I do not borrow money.

Now, how am I able to avoid living a lifestyle of borrowing?
Well, I must tell you that prior to the time I had a mind renewal, I did borrow money and a few other things from friends and relatives. But all that changed after my mind got renewed.
How did it happen? One certain day while studying my Bible, I came across a scripture that I've read and heard severally but didn't catch the revelation in it. But on this day, I caught the deep revelation in it. That scripture says, "The Lord will open the storehouses of the skies where he keeps the rain, and he will send rain on your land at just the right times. He will make you successful in everything you do. You will have plenty of money to lend to other nations, but you won’t need to borrow any yourself." Deuteronomy 28:12 (CEV).

Did you notice what the end part says? "You will have plenty of money to lend to other nations, but you won’t need to borrow any yourself." This enthralled me! Then I saw this other scripture that corroborates what the above scripture says - Deuteronomy 15:6 "The Lord will bless you, as he has promised. You will lend money to many nations, but you will not have to borrow from any; you will have control over many nations, but no nation will have control over you." (GNT) Wow!
After I read these two scriptures and caught the revelation in it, I believed it and began to declare it as often as possible until it entered my spirit and got permanently imprinted on my heart. And since the day I received that revelation during my personal study several years ago and believed and confessed it, I've not had to borrow from anyone. Does this mean that the temptation to borrow has never come since then? Of course it has, several times, but they're not strong or irresistible because these two scriptures keeps me from giving in to the temptations.

However, my faith in those two scriptures was strongly tested one day. I had gone to extend my visa and do my 90 days report in Bangkok. On my way to the immigration office, I realized the money I had on me wasn't going to be enough to take care of my travel expenses back to Rayong because I had made some unexpected expenses. I had no money in my bank account to withdraw. The two options facing me was either to borrow money from one of my colleagues or to ask for advance payment from my boss. Neither of these was a good option to me. So I decided I was going to trust God to do what only He can do. I kept declaring the words of those scriptures that I will not borrow but lend to nations and I kept reminding God His promise while en route to the immigration office.

Guess what? God came through for me! He did what was humanly impossible. The bike man that conveyed me to the immigration office after I came down from a bus (it was while I was seated on this bike that I was praying to God and reminding Him His promise to me in His word), took no money from me. He literally gave me a free ride. No Thai bike man can do such for a foreigner he is meeting for the first time and had agreed on a particular amount to be paid at the destination. We had earlier agreed on an amount I'll pay him when we reach my destination, and when we got to the immigration office, since the place was new to me and I didn't know how to get back to the road, I told him to wait for me to finish my paperwork and then he'll take me back to where he picked me from and I'll pay him the amount that is due, so he agreed.

But when I finished with the paperwork and came out to meet him, I didn't see him. I searched for him everywhere and could not find him. I later saw some other cyclists at a far end and I went to them to ask about the man and they told me he had gone, and that he instructed them to take me back to the bus stop when I finish. I was dazed. This bike man left without collecting his money, and in addition to that, he instructed the other cyclists around to drive me back to the bus stop when I come out and he didn't bother to ask them to get his money from me (and it wasn't as if the money was little). I wept while I sat on the bike going back to the bus stop. I was shocked and marveled at the length God can go to fulfill His word/promise if any of His children believe it strongly. So I had enough money to return home to the glory of God. Please have faith in the promises of God you read in the Bible, they're very real and reliable.

I thank God I passed the test because after I passed the test, my faith in the validity and reality of that scripture grew strongly. This is one of the biggest reasons I do not borrow because of the promise God gave to me in Deuteronomy 28:12 & Deuteronomy 15:6. If you're a child of God and you believe it, you'll experience it too and it'll become your permanent reality. If you're not a child of God, I encourage you to accept Jesus and become a child of God and you can lay hold of the sweet promises of God in the Scriptures.

Another major reason I do not borrow is found in Proverbs 22:7, "Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender." (NLT) The word of God is so true. Whoever you borrow from, especially habitually, you become their slave directly, indirectly or subtly - you serve them knowingly or unknowingly.
If someone for instance, lends you money anytime you ask them, the day they need a favour from you or make a request you know is ungodly/illegal, you usually may not have the morale or courage to turn them down, so you end up doing what you ordinarily would not do or what is against your faith, just to please this person and keep receiving monetary assistance from them. What have you become by doing that? Their servant/slave automatically. 

Other things I do that I believe helps me not to borrow are:

I tithe faithfully and correctly. I give precious monetary offerings to God. I make monetary investment in the Kingdom of God. I give to my parents. I lend money to people and help people financially when I'm led by the Holy Spirit to help them.

Planning and budgeting: I always plan how I'll spend my money before it arrives. And I budget how much should be spent on my monthly obligations, expenses, needs, and wants.

Discipline: I discipline myself to stick to my monthly budget no matter what happens. So if I budget 2,000 baht for instance on feeding for a month, I don't spend extra money on feeding. I carefully manage the food I have and ensure it lasts me for one month. If I overeat some days and finish the food I have at home before month end, I don't go shopping for food till next month (except when it is absolutely necessary). I live on snacks/fruits, and this reminds me not to overeat next month and finish my food before month end because I'll pay for it later.

I don't practice impulse buying. I'm not the kind of person who buys things randomly or on impulse. I don't see something beautiful while passing through a shop or taking a walk in the shopping mall and I buy it just because it is too beautiful to let go or it's a promotional offer or it's on huge discount. No! If it's not a need or on my monthly budget, I don't buy until it becomes a need or a part of my budget.

Take care of NEEDS and OBLIGATIONS first before WANTS. I spend money on my needs and obligations first, whatever is left I can then take out from it to buy my wants.

Lastly, I live within my means. I buy what I can afford per time considering my level. I don't buy what is trending when I can't afford it or it's not a need. I don't buy what is in vogue or what everyone is buying, wearing, owing, or flaunting. I buy what I can afford and what I need. I don't buy to impress people. I have a vision and a purpose to fulfil on earth - that is my major focus.

It is funny that a lot of Christians make investments in so many platforms and save money monthly yet they still live on borrowing. I'm not playing down on making investments and savings, it's good to save and to make legit investments, but I believe strongly in wise planning, wise spending and wise investments. If you practice monthly/daily saving but spend foolishly, make foolish investments and live above your means or beyond your resources, you'll remain a slave to borrowing.

I hope this article blessed you and you learnt something valuable.
God bless you and see you again next week with another educative article.



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