What You Really Need This Year for Better Results || by Precious C Philip

It's a new year, with new opportunity to start all over again if you weren't pleased with the outcome of your life last year, and if the goals you set last year was unachieved. To make the most of the year 2020 and be pleased with the outcome of your life at the end of this year, there's a crucial decision you must make, and this is: Never to be "entertainment-driven" this year, but to be "edification-driven". What do I mean? 

Don't just watch movies and videos that simply entertain you; watch movies that edify you, watch videos and TV programs that enlighten you and impact your life positively. 
Don't spend your money for subscription to watch movies that have no relevance to real life matters or issues you're personally dealing with or will pass through later in life. Spend money to be edified, enlightened, educated, transformed, and boost your mental capacity. Spend for edification, not entertainment. I see a lot of people paying to watch movies on Netflix that does not in any way apply to their life, neither does it supply them with practical knowledge and wisdom they can apply to their day-to-day life. What a misplacement of priorities and display of folly! This same people cannot pay to watch movies that minister directly to their present problems or address real life challenges and issues people face; even when it is freely offered on YouTube, they still cannot watch because they're entertainment-driven. 

People can spend their hard-earned money to go watch comedy shows and just laugh and return home without being transformed - they return without a solution to the problems they have at home, yet they're unwilling to pay and attend seminars, conferences, and programs that will edify them, educate them, enlighten them and transform their lives, plus give them practical knowledge and wisdom they need to handle life challenges. Let this not be you this year if you want to get to the peak of your career. 
People will subscribe to different entertainment channels on YouTube, just to laugh and be amused, but find it difficult subscribing to channels with rich contents that edifies, educates, enlightens and impacts. May you not be found in this category of people this year.
Millions of people follow celebrities on social media that have no value to add to their life, neither are they capable of giving them proven keys, secrets, and pearls of wisdom to succeed in life; they even follow famous people whose source of wealth is questionable, and whose riches are not acquired through legitimate and godly means, yet they cannot follow successful people with proven secrets to durable and legit wealth. It's a pity! 

Please learn this: Entertainment can make you laugh and be happy for a while, but it'll never give you joy. Entertainment can make you forget your problems, but it'll never take away your problems. Entertainment can make your problems seem nonexistent, but it'll never provide effective solution to your problems. 
Your mind isn't improved by entertainment, but by edification, education and enlightenment. Your mental capacity is not developed, enlarged and enhanced through entertainment, but through edification, education and enlightenment. Yes, you can watch entertainment materials once in a while, but you should never give high priority to materials that will entertain you over the ones that will edify and educate you. You should never seek to be entertained only. You should not desire entertainment more than edification. You grow by being edified, not by being entertained. You get better, do better, act better, speak better, work better, by being enlightened, not by being entertained. Edification and enlightenment is to be desired above entertainment because enlightenment surpasses entertainment, and the huge rewards of edification cannot be compared with the infinitesimal reward of entertainment. 

Which category were you last year? Were you with the wise who seek edification, education, enlightenment, wisdom, practical knowledge and transformation? Or were you with the foolish, imprudent and short-sighted who seek entertainment only? If you were in the second category last year, take a brave step to come out from among them this year, and join company with the wise, and you'll witness a marvelous turnaround in your life this year. Your life will amazingly shoot up. 
Be mindful of this reality: Only the edified, educated and enlightened can impact others.They receive, process what they have received, and give back to the society. The entertained are receivers who have nothing to give in return. Entertainment will not edify you, but edification will edify you. 

"Everything is legal to me, but not everything is advantageous. Everything is legal to me, but not everything edifies." 1 Corinthians 10:23
God bless you. 


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