In our present world, according to the Scripture, wickedness will increase (Matthew 24:12). This we already see happening around us. A lot of men and women have become extremely wicked because wickedness has filled their hearts. So finding someone who genuinely love you (not romantically) and seek nothing but your good, well-being and progress is not so easy to come by. The heart of many is now consumed with envy, jealousy, bitterness, hatred and competitive spirit - not wanting anyone around them to rise above them or be better than them. It is only God that brings, connects or plants people that genuinely loves you in your life.

Even among your family members, you may not find such persons. Yes, it is expected that your family members should love you more than anyone else, but it is possible for one not to have brothers and sisters who genuinely love him or her (Joseph in the Bible experienced such, even Jephthah). Imagine, the first murder that took place on earth was a young man killing his own blood brother (Cain killing Abel), not a friend killing his friend. Be careful however, because among your so-called friends, you may not find genuine love.

All this reveals how difficult it is to find people that love you and seek for you to be all that God created you to be; people who want to see you succeed by all means and are willing to do anything and sacrifice or give up anything to see you reach the top. When God plants such individuals (which are usually few) in your life, the devil will fight that relationship with everything at his disposal, because he knows that God has planted such people in your life to help you realize your destiny, and if he can take them out of your life, he'll be able to actualize his evil plans for your life. Because oftentimes, these people intercede and labour for you in the place of prayer without your knowledge; they're spiritual coverings over your life and the devil cannot have access to your life because of them.

So, he (the devil) keeps seeking ways to severe your relationship with them; either by making you take offence with them, or giving you reasons why you should be free from their supervision and guidance and live how you want to live and do what you want to do. It is often said that when the devil wants to destroy a man, he isolates him or separates him from those who can help him. You therefore must not be ignorant of the schemes of the devil to give him room/chance to destroy that precious relationship.

He can use your areas of struggle and weakness (shortcomings) to try to severe the relationship. Weaknesses like stubbornness, pride, being quick to take offence, being slow to forgive, being very touchy and emotional, taking offence when corrected, being unteachable etc. So you must be deliberate about protecting and guarding that relationship. Such persons are blessings from God and they're usually few. If you don't treat them well, you'll lose them and that can be costly to your destiny.

If you've noticed, the people that are not interested in your well-being and growth do not easily leave your life, they stick around, why? Because the devil does not fight such relationship, he rather maintains it, because he uses those people as tools to attempt to actualize his mission of preventing you from fulfilling your destiny. It is God that forcefully pulls them out of your life by His love and mercy. But the people that love you and seek your improvement, growth and progress, it's easy for you to separate from them -  because in a split second (in anger) you can severe your relationship with them or break off from them. It's still God only that can reconnect you with them when you realize your mistake and wrong and seek for forgiveness.

So, when God gives you people who genuinely love you, treat them with special care. Be deliberate about protecting your relationship with them. Don't give the devil chance to destroy the relationship through carelessness, insensitivity, familiarity, offence, anger, disrespect or any weakness you may have.

You understand that God loves you and so, you listen to God and do whatever He says you should do because you know He is interested in your good and well-being. This is the same way you treat those who genuinely love you: respect and honor them, listen to them, take their advice and counsel, accept the corrections they give you without taking offence, receive and act on their instructions without being bitter or wearing a gloomy long face all day, because that can discourage them from giving you further help, counsel and beneficial instructions.

And how do you enjoy their love? The same way you enjoy the love of God. God cannot come down from heaven again physically to express His love for you. He uses these people He has planted in your life to physically express His love to you. He directs, guides, counsels, instructs, chastises and corrects you through them, especially when you're either not listening to the Holy Spirit, or you're not sensitive to His voice, or you're getting distracted or complacent, or about to derail.

Cherish those who genuinely love you and do not separate from them - understanding that God sent them to you. Jealously guard your relationship with them.

God bless you.


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